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  1. anurodhjindal

    Software that can change the Background

    :confused: HI, I want a software that can change the Background image of any PIC. Thanks
  2. anurodhjindal

    How to transfer Address book into PC using k310i?

    @infra_red_dude Thanks for the reply. I had installed the MyPhoneExplorer but it shows Obex Error. Now what to do that.
  3. anurodhjindal

    How to transfer Address book into PC using k310i?

    Hi, I am using SE K310i . I have to transfer the address book into PC for backup. I have a data transfer cable but in this i can't see address book. Please tell me how to transfer? Thanks
  4. anurodhjindal

    How to Block Website without any Software

    This is not working for me.........:mad:
  5. anurodhjindal

    suggest mp3 player

    Hi, i want a good mp3/FM player with price ranges with Rs 500/- only. I heard abt many pen drives which has the features but the disadvantage is that it has cell. So i want that is charged not by cell. Plz suggest
  6. anurodhjindal

    [trick] Revealing saved password behind those ******

    @vaibhavtek...i am also doing in IE 6.0 but it doesn't happen anything. I had opened and there when i press Ctrl+F3 it doesn't do anything. After that i manually go into View->source and change the password field to text. But nothng happens...
  7. anurodhjindal

    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    hi , can someone update the price of INTEL motherboards and processors......
  8. anurodhjindal

    Basic Guide Purchase a New System

    hi frnds, i want to buy new [processor+motherboard+cabinet].... as currently i am using P-III 500mhz plz suggest me. budget around 7000/-(total)
  9. anurodhjindal

    need of hardware to upgrade the system

    Hi, I am using P-III 500MHz system purchased in 1999. Now i want to upgrade my system( only CPU) and i want to use it for general office work , for music, for movies. Please post the latest hardware that i need to be puchased. and my budget is within 12000.
  10. anurodhjindal

    which is best headphones????

    hi, i want to buy a headphones + mic . Please tell me which is the best one. my price range is 1000/- to 1500/-.
  11. anurodhjindal

    How to bring back new mail identification icon ????

    hi, I am using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. When the new mails comes it shows the new mail idendification icon. But i have hide that icon once and from now i haven't got any identification icon. How to bring it back.
  12. anurodhjindal

    How to Force IE to save passwords...again !

    But if we want to see the passwords that r stored ...then what we have to do???????????:confused:
  13. anurodhjindal

    acer laptop ac adapter shop--help required

    hi, i have to buy new ac adapter for my acer laptop(4020 series). as i am new in bangalore so if someone knows the shop in bangalore plz post it.
  14. anurodhjindal

    Webaroo Wikipedia pack with digit ! Help !!

    Hey....u r psting in wrong section...plz check it.
  15. anurodhjindal

    Chris Benoit Dead!!

    WWE's Benoit is found dead By SIMON ROTHSTEIN June 26, 2007 WRESTLING legend Chris Benoit and his family have been found dead in their home in Atlanta, Georgia. The star, renowned as the greatest in-ring grappler of his generation, had just turned 40. Chris, his wife Nancy...
  16. anurodhjindal

    which mobile ph--budget 18k!

    guys...wht abt the SE and MOTO.
  17. anurodhjindal

    Read And Say.....

    What would you have done??....... A group of children were playing near two railway tracks, one still in use while the other disused. Only one child played on the disused track, the rest on the operational track. The train is coming, and you are just beside the track...
  18. anurodhjindal

    which mobile ph--budget 18k!

    i ahve compared the N73me and n76....and n73me is more worth than other its camera is 3.15 as compared to 2.00and there r other features also.
  19. anurodhjindal

    Acer laptop is not starting....

    when i connect my acer laptop to the power as soon as swithcing on the main power button on laptop its not showing any sign. i have checked that power is coming in mine adapter but its not reaching towards thr laptop.... plz help me....
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