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  1. kiranm516

    sharing my internet connection for android mobile using wifi

    I don't have any router i use Ethernet connection for internet to connect to my laptop, i want use my laptop wifi as a hotspot. If i buy a wireless router can i use the bsnl pppoe connection on both laptop and android, It's not working correctly bro, the phone is connected but i cannot...
  2. kiranm516

    sharing my internet connection for android mobile using wifi

    Hi, i have recently got samsung galaxy s2 and, i wanted to use the wifi of my dell laptop to share the internet connection. I have a bsnl broadband connection connected using pppoe, using ethernet and my laptop has wifi, how can i use my mobile wifi to share internet I used intel my wifi...
  3. kiranm516

    What to know to do Android rooting and custom ROMs

    Ok bro i am about to complete FastTrack to android SDK, and will go adavanced.
  4. kiranm516

    Need suggestion about samsung gio

    Try LG Optimus One - A good one but no flash Galaxy Ace - Good One Wildfire S - Avg Cam Galaxy Pop
  5. kiranm516

    new phone

    Galaxy S - No Flash Nexus S - No 720p Video Recording Optimus Black - Less Battery Backup Xperia Ray - Small Screen Choose yours.
  6. kiranm516

    Some queries

    1. It may or may not come to india 2. Samsung phones have some good battery life, lg has some what low Galaxy SL Xperia Neo V
  7. kiranm516

    wave 2

    Samsung Apps
  8. kiranm516

    Samsung Galaxy S2 for 22 to 24k INR. Worth the deal?

    Hope so, at first nexus s i heavily priced at 30k, but later reduced to 19k
  9. kiranm516

    What to know to do Android rooting and custom ROMs

    Hey bro i'm not asking for app development, custom rom's android internals porting etc...
  10. kiranm516

    All About IPhone 4S Siri- Is it copied from Android?

    Siri combines (voice recognition + voice commands) backed up by A.I, this is the best A.I implementation.
  11. kiranm516

    What to know to do Android rooting and custom ROMs

    Hi i am a newbie to the android world and i am a cs student and i wanted to know what i need to know for doing rooting, custom rom's porting etc, like cyanogen-mod. Creating my own rom's etc... -> DO i need to know about embedded systems -> Or any hardware related stuff -> i know programming...
  12. kiranm516

    Preview + Feedback [October 2011]

    still waiting for the issue! :-(
  13. kiranm516

    My LG Optimus 2X review

    Hey, how is the volume of earpiece, loudspeaker and is it good enough for calls in noisy environments
  14. kiranm516

    Android or Symbian belle ?

    Around 17K these are good Samsung Galaxy SL - 17.9K LG Optimus Black - 18.9K Sony Xperia Ray - 18.9K Also check out SE Xperia Mini series around 15K
  15. kiranm516

    Problem with wifi on my dell studio 1555 laptop?

    Hi, Actually i have a laptop dell studio 15 connected to internet via ethernet and it had an wifi adapter, and now i want to share the internet to my android phone xperia mini pro, and i had followed the steps: 1. Switched on the wifi using fn+f2 key 2. Created an adhoc network 3. But my...
  16. kiranm516

    Epic Browser - For India - Powered by Mozilla

    Yep! bro you are right!
  17. kiranm516

    Best mobile network for GPRS

    i have been using vodafone it offers 150MB data for 18rs with 3 days validity and 2GB data for 98rs for 30 days validity which is not a bit cost, the data is sufficient (Since no great speed compared to broadband). Aircel has unlimited where it offers 14rs for 3 days & 98rs for 30 days Tata...
  18. kiranm516

    Should we help/donate money to beggars

    Yep! i agree with you, now adays begging has become more in india bcoz as they can earn same money without doing any work, but donating to old people and handicapped one can be accepted as they cannot work. Please don't donate to normal healthy people, if we donate more begizens increases.
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