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  1. kl_ravi

    Virus Attack

    Can you post your hijackthis ... log file for analysis!! Do you have access to regedit, taskmanager & folder options dialog box ?
  2. kl_ravi

    Shane Warne or Mutthiah Muralitharan-who is a better spinner?

    What about Shane Warne's escapades off the field !! Especially with females, Taking Banned Substances etc .....
  3. kl_ravi

    How does Admin Control Panel look like?

    Does it look like Airbus A380 Cockpit ?? I always wondered what options & settings are available at Admin/Moderator's disposal... Few screenshots would be appreciated...
  4. kl_ravi

    your favorite commercial add film ??

    Does anybody like Motoflip ad ... Somebody comment on this ad ... Aap ki ma ko aap ki jeb se yeh mila ....MOTOFLIP
  5. kl_ravi

    Is this photo real or photoshopped ???

    Hi friends, I got this photo as an E-Mail Forward ... Now is this genuine or fake ?? Does Anaconda have this much power ?? Amazing!! View High Resolution Photo here
  6. kl_ravi

    your favorite commercial add film ??

    None of you liked IBM Helpdesk Ads ?
  7. kl_ravi

    Play this game: How far can you kick the ball

    Ok ... friends Now How far can you launch your cat ?
  8. kl_ravi

    Play This Game: How far can you launch your cat ?

    Ok ... After getting good response to Monkey Kick-off, here's one more similar game....Kitten Cannon. PS:- This game is not for cat lovers * My score is 867 feet
  9. kl_ravi again Limited traffic..DAMN

    Looks like you have downloaded some really cool stuff since 5 days.. :p But before taking screen shot you could have wiped that address bar ... it could reveal some secrets in public ....:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  10. kl_ravi

    To get answer

    Welcome to the forum... Yes you can post any networking problem here in the forum..Infact, you can post all your Hardware/software problems, any other problems in Q & A Section , other general questions in chit-chat sections etc .... Have a nice time here !!!:p
  11. kl_ravi

    Repair dvds with write error, make them resusable?

    If you are running windows XP, the built-in CD burning plugin helps sometimes whenever I get a "power calibration error". Don't know if this works for Buffer underrun also because My writer has buffer underrun protection. While burning using the NERO -Express, If I get a power calibration...
  12. kl_ravi

    ATM PIN reveral to catch a Robber?

    Hah !!! Until now no robber has ever tried to mess up with me !!!:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  13. kl_ravi

    Ganguly in line for recall

    Didn't Chappel Himself criticise Ganguly ?? Didn't he even sent an E-Mail to BCCI & Media ... For the time being forget Dravid, Ganguly, Tendullkar etc.... First let us find out what the problem is ....second, let us attack the root cause of the problem not persons A,B,C,D or E...
  14. kl_ravi

    Ganguly in line for recall

    Just for the sake of record .... Poor old ganguly is getting much worst treatment than Match Fixer like Azharuddin ... God knows how many matches we lost to Pakistan under his captaincy .... Just mention Ganguly's name.... people will start to train their guns on him!!! Poor old chap...
  15. kl_ravi

    Folder Option Problem Please Help

    Since you don't want to use Group policy (GPEDIT.MSC) you may want to try x-setup
  16. kl_ravi

    How to deal with this copy protected CD ???

    try the google toolbar method suggested by me earlier ...
  17. kl_ravi

    Don't need SRS WOW

    Good to see an user of SRS Circle Surround Plugin But why do you want to disable WOW effects ? Its really cool !!! Please can you describe your speakers ?
  18. kl_ravi

    How to deal with this copy protected CD ???

    Are you sure you used fully licenced version of blindwrite ?? Demo or other versions cannot copy perfectly :-x :(
  19. kl_ravi

    How to deal with this copy protected CD ???

    Nothing suggested here will work!!! This CD is protected by CD-COPS If you have google tool bar installed .... Just go to Toolbar options > Features > SearchBox settings > and tick Suggest popular searches .... Now start searching for CD COPS !!! Be advised, you may do so only if your...
  20. kl_ravi

    TERRORISM: Indian cops are doing a good job !!!

    Virus, Vasulic.... This topic is for Terrorism & Indian Cops dealing with it compared to other law enforcement agencies in other countries.... Now can you give more indepth analysis & give your opinion rather than just dropping oneliners .....
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