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  1. ruturaj3

    Suggestions for 50 inch HD TV

    Got good deal from Vijay Sales, Mahim - 57k. In the scratch card got only 500 cash back. So final cost 56,500.
  2. ruturaj3

    Suggestions for 50 inch HD TV

    After visiting couple of stores, I have decided to go for LG 49LF5530, cost will be around 68,900. As per Diwali offer I will get 1 Yr additional warranty on panel + dvd player + 2 months Airtel DTH + Scratch card ( gifts worth 5,79,900 ) + Flexi wall mount.
  3. ruturaj3

    Suggestions for 50 inch HD TV

    1. Budget? 60k - 70k 2. Display type and size? LED 48"-50" 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Mostly watching SD / HD Channels, watch HD movies from external HDD. Occasionally I will hook up PS4. 4. Ports Required? Standard 5. Preferred choice of brand? LG >> Samsung >>...
  4. ruturaj3

    Dilemma – New PC or Graphic Card?

    Ya but 5 years ago, it was only psu within my budget. And i have seen it on TDF brands going from best to worst!! (Eg. Creative EP-630) During those days members used to suggest VIP in config and other choice used to be cooler master. Anyway i will need to finalize my budget before filling the...
  5. ruturaj3

    Dilemma – New PC or Graphic Card?

    For Graphics card + PSU around 15k. But if i need to build new PC then 40k.
  6. ruturaj3

    Dilemma – New PC or Graphic Card?

    Guys my out-dated:-( PC’s configuration is as follows – AMD Athlon 64 x2 5200+ Gigabyte M68M S2P 2 GB DDR2 RAM 22” Full HD Monitor 500W VIP Gold PSU Zebronics Peace I mostly play FIFA & PES. Apart from gaming usual surfing. I also had XFX HD4870, few months back which is currently...
  7. ruturaj3


    My requirements are quite similar to you and i have shortlisted Sony WX300 and Sony HX50V. Currently on ebay, WX300 is around 16.5k and HX50v is 19.5k.. I am thinking to buy HX50v. @nac can you tell me what's good about TZ30 over HX50v?
  8. ruturaj3

    Camera around Rs.30000/- and Rs.20000/-

    I don't think my dad will give me 34k for fz200, i am trying to convince him for sony hx200. Any major drawback of it?
  9. ruturaj3

    Camera around Rs.30000/- and Rs.20000/-

    Guys what about Sony HX200V, it has 30x optical zoom.
  10. ruturaj3

    Will Nexus 7 release in India and what is the expected price?

    If i buy Nexus 7 (Imported Edition) from Tradus, will i get warranty from asus? Also what about croma are they official distributor of nexus 7 or they are selling imported edition?
  11. ruturaj3

    Intel based config @ 40k

    Purpose will be mainly office work, movies and surfing. And since his daughter is just 5 yr old i don't think it will be worth in investing in gpu for gaming. so its better if he can add card when he wants. Criteria is system must be able to handle new card. @digit1191, prime gave me combo...
  12. ruturaj3

    Intel based config @ 40k

    Hi friends i need your help in building an Intel based pc for my cousin. budget is between 35k to 40k. I asked for quotation from prime abgb, here it is - Intel core I5 2400 + Asrock H77 Pro 4 = 18500/- Gskill 4gb ddr3 1600Mhz = 1650/- 500gb Seagate sata = 4000/-...
  13. ruturaj3

    ** ~10k mobile advice thread **

    Hi, i want to take phone for my mom, how is Optimus Hub, is it really available in india, its on letsbuy and mobile store for 13k. But LG site not showing it. What u will suggest Optimus Hub or one?
  14. ruturaj3

    Bluetooth headset for cowon J3

    Thanks. Basically i was going to use it while jogging. Any idea how is Sennheiser PMX / OMX 680?
  15. ruturaj3

    Bluetooth headset for cowon J3

    Friends suggest me bluetooth headphones for J3. My budget is around 1.5k. It should have good audio quality.
  16. ruturaj3

    Bought Nexus S..... Queries

    For how much u purchased it and in mumbai from which shop. On mobile stores site they are quoting 25k.
  17. ruturaj3

    Android Device for 25k

    Can anyone tell me is Nexus S available in stores like croma or mobile stores in mumbai ?
  18. ruturaj3

    Best Audio Player for 9k!!

    Few months ago my friend brought Cowon J3 4GB + leather case for 10k. And that person is sonu rawat, on cowon site he only reply on chat application. Btw confirm about service issue coz i think liplap is in mumbai only. So consider it before buying.
  19. ruturaj3

    Samsung Galaxy S II

    It's KE2, can u give me link of official KF3 version?
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