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  1. xenkatesh

    Which was ur 1st Cell Phone?

    Moto C350 Yeah!.. Tiny, slim, sexy features... now on SE 810 :)
  2. xenkatesh

    ::sony Ericsson Guru Here::

    Is is possible to flash my w810i to bring cyber shot in it??? if so can u tell me how can i do that..?
  3. xenkatesh

    All TAMIL "Map's" here...

    Re: All TAMIL "Maap's" here... goiyala.. vazhkai romba busya poguthu maapu... simple'la sollumunumna... Onnume puriyalae ulagathilae... ennamo nadakuthu marmama irrukuthu :) I love to type tamil in english xD
  4. xenkatesh

    Torrenting For Dummies

    good tut for starters... nice one dude...
  5. xenkatesh

    FireFox Speedups - Newer tips

    thx for the tips!
  6. xenkatesh

    'India could revert to pre-1947 state'

    but still i dont get the reason why they want to go abroad?
  7. xenkatesh

    That is a Record-breaking stoppie!!!

    is this original picture or just another photoshop trick???
  8. xenkatesh

    India commercial rocket takes off

    ISRO Rocks!!! Hats off!!
  9. xenkatesh

    Adobe's Creative Suite 3 hits store shelves

    Torrent's are there.. :P
  10. xenkatesh

    [By Demand] - Digit June 2007

    a DVD will all previous issue (from 2005 to till date) with Fast Track in Pdf format.. a new hollywood movie
  11. xenkatesh

    Make Free PC to Phone Calls Worldwide including India

    knew it long back and tried calling my fellas but didnt work through properly..
  12. xenkatesh

    Internet Explorer 8.0 Preview Will Beat Firefox 3.0 Beta

    MS products are good in adv but when it come to usage and security... come on.. firefox Rules in it..
  13. xenkatesh

    Google beats Microsoft, Coke ...

    Cool News.. MS s***s Big Time
  14. xenkatesh

    Google Attacked by Hackers !

    nice info!
  15. xenkatesh

    Myth crushed as hacker shows Mac break-in

    i dont think so apple will come forward to release the Source code for Max OS X
  16. xenkatesh

    Tips safeless hosting own web site at home

    and here in India we get Dynamic IP mostly... and hosting serveron dynamic ip is not a logic... we need to sign up for static IP... :P
  17. xenkatesh

    B.Tech IT Via correspondence

    thx a lot for your reply will look out for a reg college.. :P
  18. xenkatesh

    B.Tech IT Via correspondence

    is that possible in india? If so can any one let me know which university offers these education. i also need their website to get more info thank you
  19. xenkatesh

    Gmail unreliable?

    same here..
  20. xenkatesh

    US full of Internet addicts.

    week days 3 hr/ day and weekend 12 hr/day = 39hrs OMG!! but i love too.. so it doesnt matter if its twice the curretn usage.. :P
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