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    Without Google

    Dude, Didn't you read my blog post? Blogger is much-much better than Wordpress! Read it here- Why Google Blogger Is The Best Blogging Platform For New Bloggers ~ UrbnGeek: Tech Blog
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    Without Google

    Hey-Hey, You can never prove that Google is bad! I host my blog on Blogger (Google) and Here is my say why I like Blogger SOOOO Much - Why Google Blogger Is The Best Blogging Platform For New Bloggers ~ UrbnGeek: Tech Blog
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    Template Suggestion

    Hello Guys! I am a Blogger from New Delhi blogging at UrbnGeek: Tech Blog I want to know- Is my Blog's Template good? Or do i need to change it? If you want me to change it, then please suggest some good blogger template which should match with my blog's content and topic. Here is the URL-...
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    A Gaming Rig For 40K-45K

    I like This!!! Thanks Anupam!:smile:
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    Help me finalize this config

    How Much did it cost you? and do reply on my thread- * I want to buy a pc ASAP!!!
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    A Gaming Rig For 40K-45K

    I am tight on budget and want to buy a good gaming rig for rs.40000-rs.45000 from Nehru Place, New Delhi. i want to have a AMD Moby and Processor (My Budget!) and a 1TB hard drive. Please recommend me some configurations with price tag of components. one more thing- should I buy AMD or Intel? If...
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    Suggest a Tech Blog Domain Name

    Hey Friends, I have recently decided to transfer my old blog UrbnGeek to a self hosted Wordpress Blog with a Top Level Domain. Is UrbnGeek a good name for a Tech Blog? Plzz drop your suggestions. If you want to suggest another domain name, then PM me. ASAP Thank YOU.
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    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    Soul Survivor- Young Jeezy Ft. AKON _____________AND_______________ Kush - Dr. DRE Ft. Snoop Dogg and AKON UrbnGeek
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    Blog It!!!!![Only For Bloggers]

    Have a New Blog Post? Just share it here!!! The Format Should Be>>> <Blog Post URL> Description Here <Blog URL> Get Traffic to your blog and increase visibility, start posting now! And do visit my blog- UrbnGeek
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    Bloggers' Corner

    UrbnGeek UrbnGeek Is a Tech which covers all the topic of Technology- Internet, Social Media, Tips and Tricks, etc. Visit It Here UrbnGeek
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    A Computer Under Working Condition

    Here are it's configuration: Intel Dual Core E2200 Proc Intel DG31PRI Motherboard Samsung 15' Inch Monitor Creative Speakers Logitech Keyboard & Mouse With Cabinet and Power Supply Unit(PSU) 40GB + 40GB HDD(2) 1 GB RAM Samsung DVD Writer Please let me know the price too. Visit me @...
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    Software to manage game collection

    My Pleasure Dude. And do bookmark my blog- UrbnGeek for more. And Like my Facebook Page too- UrbnGeek | Facebook You can also follow me- Abhishek Biswal (Urbn_Geek) on Twitter
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    Software to manage game collection

    Here you go GamerAnand, Collect and Organize All Your Games In One Place ~ UrbnGeek I use it myself and it's really the best Game Collector Software!
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