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  1. shadow slayer 2007

    Seagate or Western Digital

    I got the money for a Western Digital Essential Edition I series 320gb external hdd or Segate 300gb i think its ST3300601U2-RK Prices WD:200$ and Sea:250$ Dont care for the money just tell me which one is better and reason
  2. shadow slayer 2007

    Which Game Are You Playing

    i am playing Neverwinter Nights 2 and Call of Duty MP and Sid Meiers Pirates
  3. shadow slayer 2007

    is buyin a XBox360/PS3 better than gettin a monster graphx card

    though some pc accessories like gpu and that stuff cost a lot it is really worth it consoles will be outdated after a 5 yrs after release and anyway ther is nothing better than a good old pc next gen consoles require good hdtv's or u wont see the text written properly and pc rulz in fps...
  4. shadow slayer 2007

    which is your best weekly gaming show

    i remember seeing a show in axn 3 yrs ago wen i was in India but dunno wat the name was but it had good reviews i always miss tv programmes which i want to see so i go to they hav the best video reviews and previews of games that i hav ever seen and in HD quality too...
  5. shadow slayer 2007

    ATTENTION: Get a FREE Evaluation CD of MS Office Outlook 2007

    Re: I got my Office 2007 cd!!! i got it in dec. ( i downloaded it and its still working fine) i m waiting for for a proper vista crack b4 i download vista
  6. shadow slayer 2007

    Finally : Vista release on 29th Jan !

    i wont download vista till the sp1 is out by the time the pirateers will make lots of craks i will be confused which one is a virus and which ones trojan I hav to upgrade my pc( i need 85% in the 10th boards)
  7. shadow slayer 2007

    Nero v7.7.5.1 released

    i hav 7.5 ultra edition and it roks wats the updats for the new one
  8. shadow slayer 2007

    First Pirated HD DVD Movie Hits BitTorrent

    Does anymovies actually fill a hd dvd disk or blu-ray disk is ther anymovie thats 25gb+ They could make 10in one HD DVD's or Blu-rays with movies in hd q
  9. shadow slayer 2007

    What was your first game?

    My first console game- hey wait i nvr owned a console My first pc game-Road Rash and Fifa 99 i got them free wen i bought my first pc
  10. shadow slayer 2007

    Help I wanna transfer my OS

    @rahulbecks23 By Genuinely Genuine i meant that i dont want to use cracks to activate xp and make it genuine
  11. shadow slayer 2007

    First Pirated HD DVD Movie Hits BitTorrent

    Blu-ray, HD DVD copy protection cracked Tuesday 02 Jan 2007 - 10:09 A computer hacker claims to have broken the AACS (Advanced Access Content System) encryption specification used to control unauthorized copying on HD-DVD and Blu-ray video players. The hacker, who goes by the name of...
  12. shadow slayer 2007

    Help I wanna transfer my OS

    @wizrulz no i know that v can install it twice but if my is not genuine on the 2nd pc wont a message com evry time i open my pc? @kumarmohit I dont remember wen i installed my OS. How will i find it?Wer shud i looks? So u mean 2 tell me that i can install with cd on more than 2 comp...
  13. shadow slayer 2007

    Help I wanna transfer my OS

    but if i use the same password and if i try downloading updates from microsoft wont they identify that i hav used a activation key thats already been used once wont that make my new pc not genuine os
  14. shadow slayer 2007

    Help I wanna transfer my OS

    I hav an genuine Windows Xp Professional CD which i hav installed in my comp as it is growing old i wanted to buy a new pc my friend said that softwares like Detto Intellimover, Laplink PCMover and Desktop DNA migrator r good softwares to trnsfer my data but can softwares like these transfer my...
  15. shadow slayer 2007

    Share Your Computer Jokes Here

    Re: *^^All jokes,homour & light talk here^^* A woman gets on a bus with her baby. The bus driver says: “That's the ugliest baby that I've ever seen. Ugh!” The woman goes to the rear of the bus and sits down, fuming. She says to a man next to her: “The driver just insulted me!” The man says...
  16. shadow slayer 2007

    65 More Windows Vista Mistakes

    yeah buy vista after sp 1 n 2 r released u wont regret it
  17. shadow slayer 2007

    First Pirated HD DVD Movie Hits BitTorrent

    i could tell my cousin in US to download he gets speeds of more than 1mbps wen he downloads he has external harddisk seagate 300gb wen he comes i will get the movies but he didnt tell me which one he told he downloaded many movies hd quality wats the price of hd dvd or blu ray drive and a blank...
  18. shadow slayer 2007

    Company Of Heroes Requirements

    u sure it works with fx 5200 256 mb card evn i hav the same one can play most recent games at med setings but wasnt able to get hold of company of heroes for myself but i played in my friends comp it was awesome if it is true then i will try the game for sure i hav 1gb ram but due to complete...
  19. shadow slayer 2007

    Company Of Heroes Requirements

    go check at __________ i dont think u can play it with 3k agp
  20. shadow slayer 2007

    best stratigy game on pc

    @amitava82 u will think agian if u hav played company of heroes in a good comp it rocks!!!!!!!!! __________ evn lord of the rings battle for middle earth 2 is good
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