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  1. joe333

    any AGP card supporting widescreen resolution

    I have an old XFX GeForce FX5200 128MB AGP 8X VGA with TV Out- graphy with me Card is in pristine condition, Also has TV Out cable, CD and Manual. Asking price: Rs500 + Shipping
  2. joe333

    Need Graphics Card

    Have an AGP card with me XFX - nVidia FX 5200 with 128MB DDR memory and TV out Includes Original CD and TV out cable. Expected price Rs750 + shipping if interested do PM me BTW Location is Kottayam-Kerala
  3. joe333

    Motherboard Socket 754

    Not needed anymore Moderator Please close this thread
  4. joe333

    Airtel gprs free all over india (trick works on PCs)

    Wow ..has been lookin for will let u know after trying this.... thanks buddy..
  5. joe333

    Motherboard Socket 754

    My mobo got fried looking for a fully functional socket 754 compatible motherboard. Preferably with onboard graphics and DDR1. If any of you have one please leave me a PM/e mail thanks
  6. joe333

    TV Tuner USB, Windows7 Ready, 1Yr Warranty

    location tvm, kerala
  7. joe333

    TV Tuner USB, Windows7 Ready, 1Yr Warranty

    PRICE : Rs900 ( Shipping charges Included )
  8. joe333

    TV Tuner USB, Windows7 Ready, 1Yr Warranty

    it wud be fine..... But shipping will be extra.... Like I said earlier you should buy only if you have a DTH....or a desktop box Because clarity is less for cable networks. This has got DVD clarity recording 720pixels...feature.... Supports all formats of PAL, NTSC,SECAM...
  9. joe333

    Trader Feedback thread

    Re: Trader Feedba*k thread !!! Seller: Max Item: A8NSLI-Premium Thread: * Feedback: Trusted. Really know how to do business, great transaction and packing. Product received as described in full working order.
  10. joe333

    DCC Kochi

    Yeah too from kottayam
  11. joe333

    Canon FS100 Digital Video Camera + 4GB - Low Price

    Canon FS100 Rs12,000 Price Updated see the first post for details.......If any one is interested PM me Thank you...
  12. joe333

    Canon FS100 Digital Video Camera + 4GB - Low Price

    Yeah and this too is a new one I said used once or twice to check it out..... If you are interested then PM me.
  13. joe333

    TV Tuner USB, Windows7 Ready, 1Yr Warranty

    Friends .....up for sale is a new USB TV Tuner External- with program recording facility. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make: HYTECH Model No: HT325 Spec: RF terminal (Cable TV input) S-Video...
  14. joe333

    Canon FS100 Digital Video Camera + 4GB - Low Price

    No one is interested???? I forgot to mention that this one is made in Japan... and not a china one that we get in India. Comparison chart * And the reason for this as a gift...
  15. joe333

    Canon FS100 Digital Video Camera + 4GB - Low Price

    Canon FS100 Digital Video Camera : Price UPDATED!!! Friends I have with me a brand new Canon FS100 for sale. Comes with a 4GB Memory. Used only once....for testing. Stunning quality for a non HD cam. Iam not sure about warranty. because this is an Imported piece. Works fine and will ship with...
  16. joe333

    XFX Geforce 6600GT 128MB DDR3 (AGP)

    u bought dis card from another one h?? Ive seen a post in anothe r forum.....u asking for a 6600gt card..... nw u selling it...? and why should u u r not interested to sell this card....I actually wonder whether u really hav the card with you..... ???
  17. joe333

    PCI Graphics Card....

    PCI VGA 8 Mb ATI Rage XL Video Display Card If you r not into gaming...../ or ur onboard graphics got inexpensive solution......PCI graphics...with 8MB Used only for a week Price: 450/- Reason for selling- bought this card coz my old AGP got fried and needed a display...
  18. joe333

    Items for sale

    Iam interested in Ram ....isnt it ddr1???? Does hav ny warranty??? Ever OC'ked??? Also im in search 4 a AGP graphy.....u hav any
  19. joe333

    Graphic Cards For Sale !!!!

    ATi Radeon 256MB 9250 is this card an AGP.....if so whatll be the price???
  20. joe333

    Geforce 6200 Ultra 256MB,AGP8X Card with 2.7Yrs Warranty

    Hello there would u lower d price a frm kerala, n whats the mode of payment???
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