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  1. shariq_pj

    Audio Problem after system automatic update

    Hi guys, I have a p4 2.9 ghz computer with an ASUS motherboard having 915GL chipset. The system uses onboard audio. System had automatic updates turned on. So last week it dqonloaded and installed updates. After that the audio has become jittery. It is very irritating. But when i...
  2. shariq_pj

    RAM doubt

    I have DDR RAM 400 MHz running in my computer. The question i want to ask is... Should we always have ram only in the series of 256, 512, 1 GB ans so on...? Currently i'm working with 768 MB RAM... i.e., I have a 256 MB stick in one slot and a 512 MB in the other slot... Does that...
  3. shariq_pj

    Now Playing

    Re: what r u listening to? Song : New York Movie : Jillunu Oru Kaadhal Music: A.R.Rahman My Latest Favourite...!
  4. shariq_pj

    Home theatre set up

    Man... What a fight...! Anyways... Can any1 tell me wherein Chennai can i go andlook out for wharfedale speakers and norge amps herre n Chennai...?
  5. shariq_pj

    Home theatre set up

    Thaks for all the reply guys... @parimal: The guy in the shop told me that the Sony model which come bundled with a DVD player has an inbuitl amp and need not go seperately foe an amplifier. Moreover I wont'b able to shell out that huge amount and investseperately on an amp as well as...
  6. shariq_pj

    Airtel Prepaid (T.N) Benefits

    Cool Sudhakar... U seem to lose temper easily huh...? Airtel's good... Agreed... But it is quite costly considering the other service providers... I prefer other service providers than Airtel coz thay charge quite less and provide reasonable service...
  7. shariq_pj

    Home theatre set up

    any idea about the sound quality from the Sony model...?
  8. shariq_pj

    Home theatre set up

    Hi there guys, I'm plannung of setting upa home theatre at home. I have the good old Sony DVD player at home. I saw a Philips home theatre setup. it costs just 5000 bucks and don't have any idea how the sound quality is. Then there was this setup from Sony that comes bundled with a DVD...
  9. shariq_pj


    U seem to b getting back again... No Piracy rlated questions here dude...
  10. shariq_pj


    Oops... No piracy related questions here... Wrong forum dude...
  11. shariq_pj

    JBuilder 2006 serial no. problem...

    I installed JBuilder 2006 Enterprise edition for the last months CD given by Digit... It has been asking me to enter the Serial no of the product to contnue... I'm not very sure what to do now... Guys please help me to use the software...
  12. shariq_pj


    Go for 800i then if u can spare some 1000 bucks more... It has the same audio clarity of a 550i (Through the headphones) Has Expandalble Memory, Crystal Clear 2.0 MP Camera and loads of other feaures...
  13. shariq_pj

    Better sound quality...W8ooi or W550i??

    Since 550i comes equipped with three speakers... It rocks... I have heard from both the mobile phones using Earphones... Both sound perfectly equal... But 550i is very bulky... 800i is jus compact enough to handle with loads of other features... My choice 800i...
  14. shariq_pj

    Post ur favorite movies that u can watch 100 times!

    Hindi: Rang De Basanti Kal Ho Naa Ho Munnabhai MBBS English: T2 Titanic The Terminal Cast Away Enemy At The Gates Saving Private Ryan Tamil: Ghajini Kakka Kakka Anbe Sivam Dhool
  15. shariq_pj

    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    guys... I want to buy an iPod... But my budget is at the max 6000 bucks... Suggestions...?
  16. shariq_pj

    alternate to PS/2???

    What do u mean by sayin replacin...? Is it replacing the port itself or an alternative to the port...? I don't think u can replace the port in mobo...
  17. shariq_pj

    Better graphics card

    Dude... Did u mean ATi in the last...?
  18. shariq_pj

    Distortion in sound

    Try doin this... Open Winamp Go to Options>Preferences>General preferences... Check wether the priority is set to normal... Then try out...
  19. shariq_pj

    Speaker Sound Problem

    Did u check out with the connectors on the motherboard... There's one small paired wire that's connected to the mobo... This problem comes if that wire's loose or faulty... Check it out...
  20. shariq_pj

    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    Oops... My mistake... I copied and pasted a post of other thread... By the way even Kato did'nt say what i quoted it was some1 else... :mrgreen:
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