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  1. dinakaran

    Best DVD writer

    Liteon Super allright is 1st choice.
  2. dinakaran

    booting problem on my pc

    Check XP/98 cd's. if ok check u'r RAM.
  3. dinakaran

    SoundMax4XL (AD 1885) driver for vista....

    This is intel 865GBF board. Asus driver is fit for this one.
  4. dinakaran

    SoundMax4XL (AD 1885) driver for vista....

    I need driver for windows vista. M/B Model: Intel 865GBF. Audio Model: Soundmax 4XL (AD1885). Ac97 HD Audio. Pls guide me to get right driver.:confused:
  5. dinakaran

    Rediffmail not working....

    Now rediffmail is working after enable third party cookie. Thaks for replay.
  6. dinakaran

    Rediffmail not working....

    Zone alarm Pro v6.0.
  7. dinakaran

    Rediffmail not working....

    My browser is Mozila Firefox 2.0.01 & IE7. From last week itself i can't able to login After login following error occured.pls help to resolve. ( I cleared temp history, Cache, Temp & temp internet directory also) Error: Our servers are facing a temporary technical problem. We...
  8. dinakaran

    Partition Manager

    powerquest partition magic 8.0. it's very good.
  9. dinakaran

    Driver for vista......

    i am install vista ultimate in my PC. Installation is success full. But audio driver is not installed. So i try in intel website also driver N/A. Pls help to find driver........... Mother board model: Intel 865GBF. Audio : Soundmax 4XL.
  10. dinakaran

    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Re: All Graphics Cards related queries here. Hi! I have a plan to buy graphics card 7300GT 512mb DDR2 memory. How is this performance (Games,Apps)...........
  11. dinakaran

    xp bootup failure-even after reinstalling

    Check whether u'r Partition is active or not. To easy activate use Partitionmagic boot floopy/Disk.
  12. dinakaran

    Macromedia director Error.....

    Mr. wizrulz u'r idea is working fine & now i can able to run file. Thanks........
  13. dinakaran

    Macromedia director Error.....

    I am using Windows Xp SP2 in P4 3.2Ghz 1GB Ram & 7300 GT(512 Ram). My problem is macromedia director player not working & shows error. Please look error pict. Pls resolve..............
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