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    Uninstall OS?

    @Buzz : Go to Boot.ini file & delete the entry which u dont require.:mrgreen::mrgreen: It will be completely deleted & will not show up
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    HP Deskjet 3550: USB Malfunction

    Please check ur USB Ports.:D
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    net disconnects within 2 mins

    I beleive it may be virus :evil:.So plzz scan with antivirus :o
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    How to take Photos from a video?

    Thanks............a lot .May I know is there any software to capture photos from a video?
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    How to take Photos from a video?

    Hi How can i take a photo while playing a video in VLC player? Is there any software also where i can take a photo while playing videos any player ..Plzz can any one let me know about this software.:)
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    Internet speed?

    Hi................ I want to know test my internet speed? How can I test it? I know my net speed is 96 kbps :( .But need to test it? So any plzz help me?
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    cheap unlimited broadband

    Iam using youtelecom BB connection and it is 570 including the taxes for 96 kbps and its unlimited:D
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    PC Hangs after 15 Mins

    Suggest you to backup all your data............and format the system and check .:)
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    Uninstalling Windows Vista On A Dual Boot System

    May I know what does this smiley indicates :( :D
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    CD/DVD Drives No Longer Recognized

    I suggest you to re-install Windows. :)
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    Booting Problem

    Hi All , :) I have windows XP Professional SP2 installed and the problem from few days is it takes a lot of time to boot ....I mean the desktop icons doesnt appear for atleast 10 min and i have to wait ..I did a system restore ....but in vain .Again & again i need to go to safe mode and do a...
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    Problem with booting using CD

    I suggest you to try with other keyboard.....borrow your friends keyboard and check if it works fine ...then problem with your keyboard and replace it. :)
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    Firefox problem

    OK Thanks guys...........i will do that :)
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    Firefox problem

    @Nightmare: No Bro my problem is still there :mad:.But thanks you guys for helping me....but still not able to save my bookmarks.:(
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    Firefox problem

    Hm.......Try deleting the profile?But how to delete and create a new profile? Can anyone please help me?:)
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    Firefox problem

    Hi, Everyone:) I have store the Bookmarks in firefox ,whenever i start my pc the bookmarks are missing .I tried a lot of time storing Bookmarks but its no use it will not be there again if i start my pc next time.I have installed all the version of Firefox but in vain.No result.Can anyone...
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    Cant download anything

    Hi, Whatever am trying to download am not able to download anything ..Am getting this whenever am trying to download . "C:\DOCUME~1\ADMINI~1\Temp\etdlwwp7.exe.could not be saved because the source file could not be read. Try again later, or contact the server administrator.:mad:
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    Sound Coming from PC :(

    Hi, When ever i switch on my PC some horrible sounds are coming ....infact i opened my system and check but am not able to find out ...I think problem lies in SMPS? Have anyone experience the same :mad:
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    Help me to uinstall

    Ok fine ..I will try to install....infact i got this error while uninstalling Nod32 AV The windows installer service could not be accessed.This can occur if ur windows is running in safe mode , or if windows installer is not correctly your support for assistance:x
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    Help me to uinstall

    I had install Eset Nod32 antivirus and scanned my system and i found lot of files infected like cmd.exe,restore.exe and so on....i think i have deleted those files ...but the main concern is i cant uninstall eset :mad: ..i tried your unistaller also ..whenever i try to unistall it says "windows...
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