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  1. prateek007391

    Configuration for Server

    I have about 7 - 10 PC's in office, but now I am planning to use Thin Clients instead of PC's. So I want to buy a new PC's which would act as a Server. The server does the following job. Mostly the client PC's will have to access the internet, files on server need to run some word, excel and...
  2. prateek007391

    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    PSU is Corsair vs450
  3. prateek007391

    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    I have Phenom II X4. About Budget something below 10K would be good, something that can give more value for Money.
  4. prateek007391

    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    MoBo GA-M68MT-S2P. Suggest Some Starter Graphic Card. I don't want to do a lot of gaming as the PC belongs to office however a lot of programs runs simultaneously and the PC goes slow because of Low Memory, Already installed 4GB ram but still I think Graphic Card would be required to speed...
  5. prateek007391

    Java Queries Here..

  6. prateek007391

    Java Queries Here..

    Please check these codes : import java.util.Random; public class DeckOfCards { private Card deck[]; private int currentCard; private final int NUMBER_OF_CARDS = 52; private Random randomNumber; public DeckOfCards(){ String faces[] = {"ACE", "TWO", "THREE", "FOUR"...
  7. prateek007391

    Java Queries Here..

    Sorry, What a Stupid Mistake I am making
  8. prateek007391

    Windows 7 Password

    A friend of mine needed my help with the laptop, he said it was not working well. However now I have stumbled upon a very stupid problem, I forgot to take password of Windows 7. And now His mobile is switched off. Is there anyway to reset the password, I inserted windows 7 cd --> Repair your...
  9. prateek007391

    Choosing right PSU

    Here is what I got. I just ordered Corsair VS450 PSU. Right now everything is working fine. Need Review Plzz Here is link to photos- *
  10. prateek007391

    4 PCs....PSU issues?

    Re: Choosing right PSU I mean I interchanged their PSU's, Sempron worked for a while but now Both of them are dead. Just ordered 4 new PSU's Retailer will notify me tomorrow which brands are available.
  11. prateek007391

    4 PCs....PSU issues?

    Re: Choosing right PSU No they are not connected to single port, we all of them are on seperate points and we have 2 different Power Backups(Inverters) to power those PC's. Let me check FSP Saga I swapped the power supply of phenom and AMD Sempron and AMD sempron started working fine...
  12. prateek007391

    4 PCs....PSU issues?

    A Few PC's in my Office started troubling, and finally I after reading the ThinkDigit forum I am believing the my PSU are root to all troubles. The Configuration of my PC's are as follow 1. Intel Pentium D 2.8 Ghz, 2GB Ram, 350 GB SATA (Random Freeze) 2. AMD Phenom II X4 BE955, 2GB RAM...
  13. prateek007391

    Is Blackberry Playbook Worth Buying

    Okay, I am dropping the idea of buying Playbook. What about touchpad. I heard CyanogenMod is working on CM9 on it. However do we get HP's Support if the Tablet gets bricked.
  14. prateek007391

    Is Blackberry Playbook Worth Buying

    I read some review on OS2 that is released on Feb 2012 BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 review -- Engadget and they have just added Email App. The Reviews for the Device is not so good. Everyone is saying that RIM is just trying to get as much money they can before the company is finally sold...
  15. prateek007391

    Is Blackberry Playbook Worth Buying

    The blackberry Playbook is priced something around 13-14K on Various online stores like, Flipkart, and eBay. Is it a good buy. I was thinking about hardware as 1Ghz A9 Dual Core processor, 1GB Ram, 16GB Storage(Bummer! its not expandable). 7inch Touch Sensitive Display. The...
  16. prateek007391

    250MB Space + 2.5GB Transfer for Rs12/month!!!

    I am completely new to WebHosting, I have a small business, kindly tell me more about it. I am interested in 500MB disk space.
  17. prateek007391

    Large phone book mobile

    Why not Try Nokia X2-01. It Can Store Upto 2000 Contacts. and Each of them with about 5 Phone Numbers. That should be enough for you.
  18. prateek007391

    SE Active Launcher

    What Device Are You Using
  19. prateek007391

    Show Off Your Home Screen

    I have tried about many ROMs this Week GingerVillian, Insert Coin Sense 2.1 + 3.0 ROM, Gingerburst ROM, LeeDroid ROM, Cyanogenmod for my HTC Desire, So what ROM do you use and How do you Customize Your HomeScreen. Thats' what Android Can do Better then Any Mobile OS in World.
  20. prateek007391

    Suggest A Mother Board and Processor

    Well the Box Belongs to my Office. But thinking of Creating the Same one for my Home Too. Will try OC at my Home.
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