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  1. NikhilVerma

    Guidance for Website development

    You will only risk around 3+% of the general net audience if you design for 1024x768 and above. What is my screen resolution/display resolution? - Screen resolution statistics
  2. NikhilVerma

    Which of these is the best camera?

    Any simple tripod from this page would do for that camera. SLIK CORPORATION - The most copied line of tripods today
  3. NikhilVerma

    Flickr thread

    I do some simple photography here. Flickr: Nikhil Verma's Photostream
  4. NikhilVerma

    No career after +2

    I have seen this amongst students a lot, sure "placements" are something to worry about, But I keep telling this to all the folks like you I meet, hardly NONE of that matters if you have better skills than your peers, have a strong CV and you can find great jobs from the shittiest of...
  5. NikhilVerma

    Calling fanboys, seniors and all members here

    I heard jalakam means window ? :P So ...
  6. NikhilVerma

    Calling fanboys, seniors and all members here

    Here is something that I came up in 15 mins, not the best font choice I know. Just putting my card on the table :) Feel free to ask for changes if you like it
  7. NikhilVerma

    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    oh man .... well this is some iso certified shop in Bangalore.... golchhait ... :P ... that's why i didn't trust the price
  8. NikhilVerma

    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    I got this price quote from golchhaIT ... is this okay ? 1. Q9400 (2.66GHz)/Q6600 (2.4 GHZ) ---------- 14000/10000 2. 600 watts eXtreme SMPS COOLER MASTER ---------- 3500 3. Gaming Cabinet ANTEC ---------- 2500 4. 22" TFT DELL/LG/VIEWSONIC...
  9. NikhilVerma

    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    Thanks :) ... Will try that out ... Btw any suggestions on the config ? The one I made ran over budget ... I need somewhere around 56k ... here is my config ... I am not even sure about the accuracy of the price Intel Q9300 (2.5GHz)---------------------------------------11000 Cooler Master 600...
  10. NikhilVerma

    Latest Hardware Prices & Quotes..!!

    Can someone please tell me the names of all the decent shops in Bangalore ? You know the ones which actually would know the difference between a 9800 and a 9400 and have all the high end hardware, because I need to build a new PC ( around 55k+ ) Any suggestions with the config ? I need a...
  11. NikhilVerma

    Calling all Insomniacs..

    Somebody make the pencil disappear please !
  12. NikhilVerma

    Calling all Insomniacs..

    weird I get speeds of 14-20 kBps in utorrent no matter how much i optimize ... Bitcomet on the other hand always ends up giving 55+ without any config :-/ ..... used to be opposite for me before...
  13. NikhilVerma

    This BIG DOG is spooky!!!

    your thing is gonna give me nightmares for a while ... the way it's legs moved ! holy **** .. I don't know ... it just bloody creeps me out every damn time I see it ...
  14. NikhilVerma

    The World's Biggest Windows Blue Screen of Death

    hahahahahahahaha ... you made my day :D
  15. NikhilVerma

    Todays Education gives Importance to What ?

    wow ! nice way to sum it up buddy
  16. NikhilVerma

    Todays Education gives Importance to What ?

    yeah I remember getting calls from my college folks asking "Bhai I need a project with VB and a database please give me one" .... amazing innit
  17. NikhilVerma

    The official thread for any and all discussion related to Apple Inc.

    I didn't RTFT ... Just dropping my 2 lines ... I installed mac on an external HDD on my laptop ... and I was simply blown away by the simplicity and the fluency of the OS :) ... ( And that too when I couldn't find drivers for my card 7600Go and had to run without Quartz and the other feature )...
  18. NikhilVerma

    Frequent Disk Defragmentation

    Too frequent defragmentation is bad, stresses your hard disk a lot. Probably should use around once every 15 days
  19. NikhilVerma

    Not finding success in my career

    First of all please STOP feeling that way, you are not the only person in this world who has issues. Now the interview thing, This is something that many people have problems clearing. Ask yourself a few questions 1. Is my English fluent enough ? 2. Do I "appear" like a confident...
  20. NikhilVerma

    Calling all Insomniacs..

    Oh shite ... :p Rolling back
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