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    Please suggest configs under 15K, without monitor for office use.

    Thanks.. any AMD alternative? and UPS is not required.
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    Please suggest configs under 15K, without monitor for office use.

    1. What is the purpose of the computer? What all applications and games are you going to run? (Stupid answers like 'gaming' or 'office work' will not work. Be exact. Which games? Which applications? Avoid the word 'et cetera.')Ans: CorelDraw X6, AutoCad, Simple Photoshop editing, Watching...
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    Laptop under 500 Euros

    UK currency is Pounds not Euros. :P
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    Why do people buy Macbook?

    Again back to the same point? Look previous page. I've posted link to a laptop with 9 hours battery life. Not enough? use google, there are thinkpads with 7 hours battery on 6 cell and 12 hours with 9 cell. Don't blindly go on posting :censored:.
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    Why do people buy Macbook?

    They are pretty much the same. Linux is a clone of UNIX.
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    Why do people buy Macbook?

    Hehe, nice post. ;) I have publicly +1'd this. :P May be. But in your next reply, you asked me to name a windows laptop which runs 7 hours on battery. Which clearly meant that you believed there are no windows laptops with good battery life. Anyways, you love macs and I don't. In the end it...
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    Why do people buy Macbook?

    Yes. It was indeed. You made a comparison of battery life while running mac and windows. Apple need not necessarily always be the best thing in the world. ;)
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    Why do people buy Macbook?

    Well, that was only battery comparison. I'm not talking about usability or build quality here. A mac user believed that windows can never ever run more than 5 hours on battery. So there you go, that HP thing runs 9 hours. drsubhadip's main point was battery life of macs. So now buying a smaller...
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    Why do people buy Macbook?

    HP ENVY dv4t-5200 Notebook PC | HP® Official Store
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    Why do people buy Macbook?

    Smaller the screen, longer the battery. Why would anybody want to get a 13" mac for just battery? I mean there are windows laptops which do offer 7 hours battery life.
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    Z580 Battery Driver Problem [ Windows 8 ]

    I bought lenovo Z580 in november 2012. It came with windows 7 Home Basic. I then upgraded it to Windows 8 pro under 699 upgrade offer. Windows 8 is faster, smoother but there is a problem with battery. Windows 7 used to show the battery time remaining but Windows 8 doesn't. :S Like Battery : 30%...
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    samsung series 5 yes or no?

    A big NO.
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    Urgently require laptop

    I have lenovo and it does not heat up. Not sure about Dell, but it should be good too. Samsung is crap.
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    HP has an offer! Do check it out!

    Or buy lenovo and get 3 year warranty completely free.
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    Suggest a gaming laptop under 70,000rs.

    Go for DELL. Samsung makes crappy machines.
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    Sony LaPTOPS experience/discussions/find your sony lappy.

    Sony Vaio SVE15123CN 15" i3 3rd Gen 4GB DDR3 500 GB Win 8 34,490/-
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    HUAWEI E3131B data card review

    Nice review. Data card looks very nice. Sad, we don't have any 3G unlimited plans. :(
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    Unable to play any games on Dell XPS 15 Core i7

    Hi guys, A friend of mine owns Dell XPS 15 laptop. It has a core i7 quad core processor, GT525 GPU, 4GB DDR3 RAM. Laptop is only 7 months old. Last week we downloaded and installed Assassins creed 3 and it was working perfectly fine. Laptop used to heat up when we played game. But after 3 days...
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