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    22" inch monitor query .

    and all those who want to watch PC on their LCD's, I recommend them External TV Tuner Box by AverMedia. AVERTV Box genie (075) supports resolution up to 1680 X 1050. (4:3, 16:9 and 16: 10 support, max. 16:9 support at 1360 X 768), PIP and adaptive de interlace. cost around 2000/- AVERTV Box W7...
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    Stop recommending 7750BE for overclockers

    BTW 7750+ BE now costs only around 3300/- in Mumbai.
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Don't know the individual prices but I got the combo for 8200/-. And no wonders because a week back the combo was available for 8500/-.
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    Guys which one t choose DELL STUDIO or HP Pavilion.........?

    For quality of product.. HP is better than Dell.. My personal experience... For Quality of after sell service.. I've heard Dell is better.... And don't look too much in to screen size of Dell, they may have lesser area then Hp and still more diagonal size... I've seen 15.6" Dell inspiron and...
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Bought from R K Infosys, Mumbai 7750+ BE + Gigabyte GA-78GPM-DS2H ----- 8200/- CM 335 + extreme 390W combo: 3450/- ----- Corsair/ Transcend/ Kingston DDR2 800Mhz: 1500/1200/1200 --- Purchased Kingston LG 22X DVD writer: Box pack 1100/
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    Post your latest Purchase

    Dell Inspiron 15 - 35.3k -Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6400 -3GB DDR2 SDRAM -250GB SATA Hard Drive Got Dell USB Mouse and Creative Noise Isolation Earphones as a part of the package.
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    Help me in Assembling a system for my friend!!!!!!!!!!

    Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2HP is absolutely fine. Make sure you get the same model number. Like if you get GA-MA78GM-S2H instaed of GA-MA78GM-S2HP, Onboard DTS will be missing, which I think is not a big issue if there is a good price drop. All this onboard DTS and Dolby digital are just software...
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    WARNING!! Check the model number of motherboard after buying (in vendor's shop only)

    Re: WARNING!! Check the model number of motherboard after buying (in vendor's shop on All problem because of the Gigabyte's Product names. They all sound so similar and have minor spec variation between them. So it is not strange that even Gigabyte's packing person would have got confused. :)...
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    Which PSU should I buy ???....

    Now Corsair and Antec prices seems to be comparable. Antec EA380 is priced at 3100 and EA430 at 3350/-. Comparable model Corsair cx400 is priced at 3000/-.The only winner winner Antec has in terms of price point is EA-650 priced around 4850/-. Source lynx india website.
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    Need a DigiCAM

    Why not sony t series... go for T77 will fir in your budget and if you are ready to purchase from grey market than even t90 or t500 will fit in your budget.
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    One more PC upgrade Thread (Tight Budget)

    How much zebronics antibiotic with 450W psu costs? What about Bijli with 400W psu?
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    One more PC upgrade Thread (Tight Budget)

    gowtham Which 780g board you are refeering please tell.... and the config suggests by you exceeds 13k, I want to keep it less than 12k. A cheaper cabinet PSU combo may do the job.. Please suggest
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    One more PC upgrade Thread (Tight Budget)

    Hi friends, I have budget of 10K to 12K to upgrade. My primary usage day to day normal use plus the ability of onboard gfx to play HD movies. An HDMI out is a definite plus. I am not an avid gamer so I won't upgrade to dedicated gfx card and no overclocking for me. I want the system to be...
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    Which Digital Camera to buy????

    Buying a digicam involves several other considerations like size. Which size of camera you are looking for? Super compact, compact or midsize one. How much the looks of camera are inportant to you. Well in my suggestion you can for a supercompact camera, you can easily go for Sony T77. It...
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    Need Best Digital Camera for 12k ASAP

    Hi, Comparing canon Sx110 IS with Sony W220 is not correct in my view as they belong to different class. W220 is super compact while Sx110 Is not even Pocketable. Technical specs wise Canon wins over sony in all aspects except that sony's Lens has better wide angle capability. Canon has got...
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    Suggest a cellphone for 3K

    Hi friends, I am in desperate need to purchase a new phone. Budget is around Rs.3000/- give or take 500. So guys please help me out with best possible solution. Good network reception and battery life is main criteria. Thanks in advance.
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    Monitors:Widescreen or Non-widescreen.

    Though I agree that a widescreen monitor looks better, I think it is more because of the novelty factor. Screen clarity and resolution has nothing to do with a monitor being a widescreen or 4:3. As far as screen area is concerned please note that FOR SAME DIAGONAL SCREEN SIZE A CONVENTIONAL...
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    8gb Pendrive Sugestion

    Huh... I searched Full SP road .. Corsair is not freely available. Minimum cost for 4gb is 700 and for 8 gb is 1300. Transcend 8gb v60 is available for 800 + vat.
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    Basic Guide Purchase a New System

    Lucky to have such friends... Can you still forward the name/address
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    Basic Guide Purchase a New System

    Great deal saurav, I'd say. Seems that vendors in lucknow are quite co-operative. Can you PM me the address of vendor from where you got such a nice deal?
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