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  1. sting

    IM Software for WM 6

    Guys is there any IM ( Yahoo and Gtalk ) avilable for WM 6 ?
  2. sting

    A.R.Rahman's new tune for Worldspace Radio

    A.R.Rahman's new tune for Worldspace Radio & Exclusive Wallpapers WORLDSPACE ® Satellite Radio, (NASDAQ: WRSP), one of the world leaders in satellite-based digital radio services, today unveiled an inspiring new signature tune developed by music impresario AR Rahman, WORLDSPACE brand...
  3. sting

    Searching Rapidshare files with Google

    Here is a very simple trick to check for files hosted in Rapidshare... Just type the following... 'your key words' This is very useful to find out other sites hosting Books source : unknown :roll:
  4. sting


    any one try it out ?
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