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    Where to BUY Electronics' Lab stuff like resisitors in New Delhi ?

    ^^ it is near to Chandni chowk market and that is dedicated electronics market only, yes it is quite messy!! below map shows, many shops lajpat rai market - Google Maps
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    Support for Iphone 3G

    There are other better phones you can buy, because this is too old a phone to buy ^^ I have a iphone 3G(8GB) and I have given this to my 3 year old kid and he is happy planing angry birds on it :)
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    Where to BUY Electronics' Lab stuff like resisitors in New Delhi ?

    Please visit Lajpat Rai market which is in front of Lal Quila for such things....I used to buy from there only while i was in college
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    Samsung Star-- JAVA Apps problems

    Sorry, I was down with fever past 2 days... I was selecting M.../..250 instead BRMC2133 (as mentioned in the website ) ... and thats why phone went blank....(I was worried but I knew you guys will help me to come out of it :smile:)
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    Samsung Star-- JAVA Apps problems

    sorry for the late reply...could not try worked now...Thanks a lot Raj ...will try some softwares and games installation now :smile:
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    Samsung Star-- JAVA Apps problems

    Raj, I tried the step wise upgradation of firmware as per the site given by you...but now phone is showing only orange screen with blue bar ....please help me out
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    Visit to an NGO in Gurgaon named DEEP ASHRAM..

    hope pics can be seen now..... its a small initiative we have taken....what our team believes is : Fight for the Future of Young Lives. Who knows we may find the next President working in a hotel...
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    Anyone on TE facing this issue?

    Hi All, When I am opening TE , it is giving me below screen, I entered my username and password and still window appears again.Can anyone help me out?
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    Wrist watches on Rediff, Ebay or Indiatimes ??

    I agree with Din...its better you buy it locally because you never know how it can look like when you receive it..because all watches you have selected are not branded.
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    Please help in choosing laptop from US

    Hi All, I am getting a laptop from one of my friend from US (as he is coming to India next month) I am confused between Dell/HP/Lenovo (because my budget is only 800$ and I need 2.4 GHz processor and I am not much into gaming either) I have chosen Dell Inspiron with below config...
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    Has anyone bought from

    I have bought from dell website one 1525 lappy some 6 months back. But at that time i customised the laptop on dell website and they asked for my contact details. Then dell executive called me from bangalroe and asked for the details. She agreed to give me some discount of some 2.5 K. Also she...
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    Norton Antivirus 2009 or Kaspersky Antivirus 2009

    what about the price difference?
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    How safe is HDFC netbaning.

    same is with me.....I am using hdfc past 2 and half year and never felt unsecured.
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    grievances or lodging a complaint

    I guess this link can help :
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    Visit to an NGO in Gurgaon named DEEP ASHRAM..

    Sometimes life gives you everything and sometimes it takes a lot of things from you. But there are some for whom life has always taken and gave nothing. Some efforts are necessary to make their life better and give them some of the part which you have achieved. In order to achieve this, we...
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    Will Satyam Computers go bankrupt? Raju resigns

    Satyam's own Ramalinga Raju resigned and admitted that he had committed fraud and cash books of Satyam were inflated. The Satyam balance sheet, as on September 30, 2008, had an accrued interest of Rs 376 crore (Rs 3.76 billion) which is non-existent. It also had an understated liability of Rs...
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    Official Nokia 5800 XpressMusic discussion thread

    any idea about availability and price in Gurgaon??
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    TERROR ATTACK!!! Firing and blasts in Mumbai...

    you can use below link for live TV
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