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  1. sid_ashok

    Ragging an Education

    Here is a documentary i created on ragging. "anarth" This documentary won 1st prize at HBTI Kanpur annual fest INCORD 2010.
  2. sid_ashok

    Digit Engineers Thread

    Siddharth Ashok I.T. 2nd year College of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Lucknow
  3. sid_ashok

    Web Desigining.

    What is the best host in india?? , should also be cheap.
  4. sid_ashok

    Which one?-SE K750i, W550i, W300i, or Moto Rzr V3i

    I have budget around 8-10 k Which one?-SE K750i, W550i, W300i, or Moto Rzr V3i I love flap phone thats why w300i and moto v3i
  5. sid_ashok

    Internet from Mobile?

    I want to run connect my mobile to my computer to run internet. BSNL is charging the GPRS rates that's per KB for running internet. Is it a good choice.? Any other cheap mobile option as i cant have a landline of BSNL. Which will be best mobile set for fast internet exess via GPRS...
  6. sid_ashok

    Vista! but no fun

    yesterday i got had to Vista! beta 1 atlast But a big problem I have MSi RS480 Mbo. and it has Readon 200 grafix on board. It dont support my grafix drivers? any way to solve this issue?
  7. sid_ashok

    Bittorrent GPRS/EDGE problem

    whats the speed you are getting
  8. sid_ashok

    NEWS: WinRAR 3.60 final Released !

    not much of the use.
  9. sid_ashok

    Make My HDD New

    I freind had a 40 GB HDD which had many errors. One entire partion is currupted. His brother baught 80 GB new HDD. Now this 40 GB HDD is our new TOY. How to make it somewhat new so that we can use it to store our Data. How to format it to make it new?
  10. sid_ashok

    Core 2 Extreme overclocked to 5.2 Ghz

  11. sid_ashok

    [Preview + Feedback] Digit April 06

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhoooooooooo Great contents team Digit! Sid is setisfied. And thumbs up for giving preview on time. Keep It UP
  12. sid_ashok

    Office 2007 Beta Refresh

    awesome shots
  13. sid_ashok

    Share Your Computer Jokes Here

    instead of pasting from other sites please give me the source i will see it my self. Any ways great jokes
  14. sid_ashok

    Why this happens to me only- No sound

    sound card is having multiple channels (5.1 ) and i tried 2 speakers. I connect to the normal green jack. Yaar dont say that i have to bur a new sound card as it has been only 4 days scince i baught this motherboard. Help!
  15. sid_ashok

    Help urgent winXP

    there may be virus install avast! it certainly 100% will correct your problems
  16. sid_ashok

    Why this happens to me only- No sound

    yaar i already said that its all right everyware on the computer i mean operating system
  17. sid_ashok

    Why this happens to me only- No sound

    guys frist of all i am very very happy as i baught spanking new Computer. I baught AMD 64 3200+ with MSI RS482M2 mother board. i also baught 1 gb ram and 160 gb hdd. Now the problem sound from right channel is not comming. Its not the software problem as i reinstalled windows 2 times. I...
  18. sid_ashok

    [Preview + Feedback] Digit March 06

    which fast track?
  19. sid_ashok

    Cell phone that shoots bullets

    Ya its true Hitting the 5, 6, 7 and 8 buttons on the gunphone fires four .22 caliber rounds in quick succession. See the full story
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