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  1. vs_sriram

    PayPal problems !

    Hi, I've recently started freelancing and I have the option of receiving money through paypal [from my US Client] I've created a paypal account but the problem is I'm unable to add my UTI Bank International Debit card to keeps saying that the my card is rejected by my bank and that...
  2. vs_sriram

    Best DVD Drive ?

    Hi Guys, Now that SKOAR had offered 2 DVDs with it,the time has finally come for me to get a DVD Drive[Dont ask me how i lived all these days without one....all my my Digit DVDs lie untouched....hell :oops: ] OK,so I'd like to buy a DVD Drive[no combos or Writers...just a plain DVD...
  3. vs_sriram

    First PS3 Screenshots Possessed

    Source : I dont see anything "revolutionary" in the screenshot[its possible with the current generation engines]...but losing skin and body parts in real-time, revealing individual gore patterns..woohoo..sounds...
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