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  1. zodiac_511

    ASUS P6X58D-E USB 3.0 availability

    Hi, Is the above motherboard available in India and at what price? Thanks in advance.
  2. zodiac_511

    Help needed with a Gaming PC Config.

    Thanks. Any ideas about the case?
  3. zodiac_511

    Help needed with a Gaming PC Config.

    Hey thanks for your suggestions... But don't you think that a 600/700W PSU will be better? And what do you think about the rest of the config? ---------- Post added at 07:56 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:53 PM ---------- Probably the Corsair 650TX?
  4. zodiac_511

    Help needed with a Gaming PC Config.

    Hey I'm planning to buy a gaming PC. Budget is ~80K Here's the config: CPU: i7 860 [14.5] MOBO: Asus P7P55D PRO [10] RAM: Kingston DDR3 2GBx2 [6] HDD: Seagate 500GB [2.6] GRAPHICS: XFX ATI 5870 [26] MONITOR: BenQ G2220HD [9.2] SPEAKERS: Zebronics ZEB SW7000R [2.8] MOUSE & KEYBOARD...
  5. zodiac_511

    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    I have a few doubts. 1. Do you need to boot up the comp at 2AM for the happy hours thing or is it enough to schedule the downloads at 2? 2. I got a username how do i check the usage? IP add: 117****
  6. zodiac_511

    Call barring?

    Is there any way one can block calls from a particular number? Is this dependant on your service provider? If so does Airtel Chennai offer this? or Is there any software based method for Sony Ericssons?
  7. zodiac_511

    Mobile Security / SE Antivirus

    And by the way for firmware upgrade you'll need to use the Sony Update thing right? If so, it's damn buggy. You have to download a 24meg file from the internet. It then autoupdates 2 times(dont ask me why) each takes 10 mins on a 512kbps line and finally you can search for new firmware. I...
  8. zodiac_511

    Mobile Security / SE Antivirus

    @dream Had the phone for about 2 weeks now. It's a dream :P. What about the SMS thing? can viruses be spread via SMSes? And are you 100pc sure about the antivirus? I'm paranoid :P Anyway why do SEs not require antivirus software?
  9. zodiac_511

    Mobile Security / SE Antivirus

    I read an article in today's Times Of India (Chennai edition). It said that viruses could be disguised as SMSes. Is this true? Anyway do Sony Ericssons need antivirus software, considering they're Java based? If so could you suggest one for the SE C902. Thanks.
  10. zodiac_511

    SE and Cell track

    Damn! Any alternatives for the SE?
  11. zodiac_511

    SE and Cell track

    I know this may sound pretty dumb. But will Cell track work on a Sony K850i? or will it work ONLY on a Symbian OS based phone? Any similar software for the 850i if this doesnt work? Thanks.
  12. zodiac_511

    mtnl just got crazy with me!!

    Lucky arse!!! That's all i have to say
  13. zodiac_511

    A Gaming PC for 35K

    @ harryneopotter, Do you really think that a mobo with an onboard gfx card is necessary? Considering the fact that he WILL buy a GFX card.
  14. zodiac_511

    A Gaming PC for 35K

    My friend is planning to buy a Gmaing PC for Rs30-35K (No more than this) He wants pure unadulterated value for money and is particular about 1. 160Gb HDD 2. DX 10 based GFX Card Can anyone here whip up a good config for 35 K? One more thing the mouse and keyboard dont have to...
  15. zodiac_511

    Conversion of .pdf to .lit

    Is there anyway to convert .pdf or .txt to .lit files (Used by MS Reader). A free solution is preffered. Thanks in advance, zodiac
  16. zodiac_511

    Alternative to System Mechanic

    I forgot to mention that I need freeware not trialware. @ kaustav I'll try your suggestion
  17. zodiac_511

    Alternative to System Mechanic

    Guys, I need a software which can do the following 1. Remove recent lists(like in the "Run" window and "Open File" windows) 2. Optimize the registry 3. Delete Junk files Thanks in advance, zodiac_511
  18. zodiac_511

    System Problem (Modem, a likely culprit)

    digital2006 Both accelerations are enabled
  19. zodiac_511

    Anti Morph Software

    I think in Digit or Chip
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