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  1. sumeetindia

    .info Domain for sale

    2 $ ?? You will give the user name and pass to the buyer OR what ?? EDIT :: OOps seems like you already sold it :(
  2. sumeetindia

    post all your ADSENSE related queries here

    Ya! But It may take 10~15 more days .. .mine took 1+1/2 months to reach PIN takes more time than checks
  3. sumeetindia

    post all your ADSENSE related queries here

    Yes you can appeal Use this form - select ->Invalid Clicks or Unusual Account Activity ->My account has been disabled for invalid click activity BUT Please note that they are very strict at their rule.I have a 3 year experience with adsense...
  4. sumeetindia

    post all your ADSENSE related queries here

    Depends upon for what reason you was banned .If you was banned for breaking the policy like . .. having copyrighted content,porn,MP3 etc. .. then you can continue using the same blog after removing those content BUT if you were banned for invalid clicks/impressions then use another blog
  5. sumeetindia

    post all your ADSENSE related queries here

    @abcd007 NOP! You cant if they banned you for invalid clicks BUT there's one think you can try change the account holder's name (like start the account in your father's name) and give...
  6. sumeetindia

    Windows Calender (.ICS) file problem....!!
  7. sumeetindia

    Dr. Watson...............

    you can disable error reporting rt click my computer ->properties->advance tab ->click error reporting button->the diable error reporting Your PC will need a restart Most probably there is something wrong in the startup files "click on run and select "msconfig" and go to startup tab to verify...
  8. sumeetindia

    double clicking D drive

    disable "hide protected OS files" from the folder options delete all the "autorun.ini/autorun.inf" from the drive roots restart your PC if they are again created the probably your PC is infected with virus
  9. sumeetindia

    best P2P software

    Ares the best -
  10. sumeetindia

    Resized partition, now unable to boot in windows. Need help!

    You wrote "i'm not able to boot in windows" what kind of error message r u getting ?
  11. sumeetindia

    Resized partition, now unable to boot in windows. Need help!

    Which software you used to make partitions ! Are you sure you did not formatted/removed any files from C : Drive. Also check which partation is active (Mark c : as active,Use partition magic)
  12. sumeetindia

    Want to know the website address is one of the best websites
  13. sumeetindia

    Serious Problem... all .exe files deleting automatically

    I still doubt about a virus infection ! Have you tried scanning with an updated antivirus ?
  14. sumeetindia

    post all your ADSENSE related queries here

    Most of the time I get my checks in time But this month it arrived late. I guess may be due to diwali, the postal service was not able to make deliveries on time
  15. sumeetindia

    How to write-protect pen drive?

    I will recommend you to use a portabe antivirus known as ClamWin Portable It's lite on system,Small ,handy ,easy to use - antivirus application for portable dvices like pendrives,Ipods etc. It can be updated Its a better option rather...
  16. sumeetindia

    task manager and system registry is not opening

    Your PC is infected with virus Download and install a good antivirus like NOD32 trial Or AVG free Then Update it Restart the PC in safe mode Connect all the flashdrives/External Hdds/Storages Scan your full system including the external drives (If using NOD32 ->start NOD32 ->select all the...
  17. sumeetindia

    Time out error during loging at BSNL Brodband

    As said by praka123 Use those urls for logging to administrative panel. make sure you are having the correct username and password (while logging dont put your username as xyz@dataone,Rather just use xyz ) If unsuccessful the there might be some problem with internet explorer Try resetting the...
  18. sumeetindia

    Help !! Error while installing..

  19. sumeetindia

    Why is my Email marked SPAM :(

    Seems like an Virus problem ...Try scanning your PC with an UpdatedAntivirus
  20. sumeetindia

    Stuck when I select a folder

    Try scanning the drive for errors and defragment it
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