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  1. MoksHa

    wanna know bout scanf()

    I read somewhere online about the side effects of using fflush() with input streams, the reason i have been told is that fflush is used with output streams only.
  2. MoksHa

    Indian Film Industry's First Blue Ray Released

    Are the blu-ray drives yet so cheap to play these discs..........
  3. MoksHa

    Deleted an exe file suggest me a software for file recovery

    Try freeware undelete. It really works......
  4. MoksHa

    problem with folder option

    use gpedit to disable your autoplay option.Then everything will work. [Goto run and type gpedit.msc]
  5. MoksHa

    wanna know bout scanf()

    I have heard many weird things bout fflush() function in c (like undesirable effects). Can anybody suggest an alternate..
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