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    Suggest a psu for the gaming rig

    Hi, I got a 290 tri-x with i5 2500K cooled by H100i. I am planning to overclock my rig and would love to change my existing PSU. Please suggest a PSU for the same, preferably with low fan noise. Budget- ~8K Regards, Rakesh
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    PS3 slim 500GB in excellent condition + games

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: PLAYSTATION 3 500 GB : Console : PlayStation®3 : Sony India Source and Time of Purchase: May, 2013 Reason for Sale: Bought Playstation 3 Super SLim 500GB Azurite Blue Edition RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd Product...
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    View on NXZT H440

    Hi All, What are your views on H440? I am fine with the no optical drive bay thing but I am worried about the ventillation as such. Do you think the top and front ventillation is enough to provide the fans with the air to get out and in respectively? Please post your views on this
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    Best cases for Nexus 5 available in the market

    Hi all, Can someone provide me the options for a protective cover on my Nexus 5? I am currently using the gadget shieldz full body protection (currently installed only the back cover protector) as all i need is a scratch free back cover. I am not so known or prone to dropping my phone...
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    [For Sale] 7870 with warranty on sale

    Hi all, I got a Sapphire HD7870, perfectly working, with warranty, on sale. Planning to get myself a 290 soon. Please find the details below - 1. *Model number and details: Sapphire HD7870 1GHz edition 2. *Date of purchase: November 2012 (will update after looking at the bill tonight) 3...
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    GTX770 replacing Sapphire 7870?

    Is it a good idea to sell my 1 yr old 7870 and buy a 770?? My current config is in my signature.
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    Hi guys, Many might have already dealt or had known about gadgetshildz. They supply whole body thin covers for all gadgets. Recently I have ordered my first product from them - A nexus 5 complete protection worth ~450 bucks. They sent me the parcel through professional courier. The...
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    [For Sale] Note II (pre-ordered peice) for sale

    1. Model number and details: Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 (International version) 2. Date of purchase: Do no remember 3. Reason for sale: Offer for a Nexus 5 as gift. 4. Warranty details: No warranty remaining 5. Condition: 9/10 6. Location of Seller: Bangalore 7. Accessories provided: Charger...
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    A plunge from Note 2 to Nexus 5

    Hi all, I am offered a Nexus 5 as a gift and its a nod away. Currently I am using a Note 2 (will sell it off if I decide to go for N5, so wait for potential deal :P) and I am tired of its size. Now the real question is, is it a good deal to replace NoteII with N5? Temptations:: 1)...
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    Gaming mouse for ~3K

    Hi All, Currently I possess a Razer DA bought 2 years back and I am planning to change it. I love the placement of the 4th and 5th buttons (do not need any more buttons) and would love similar form factored mouse as I am comfortable with the size and ergonomics of DA. Can I get some...
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    Business simulation games

    I hardly find anyone talking or getting excited about business simulation games. Is there anyone like me who love the games like - Partician series (latest is partician 4) Tropica 4 Anno 2070 (more of city building) Rice of venice (latest game that i got my hands onto) Is there any...
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    Battlelog id's list for BF3 and BF4

    Hi all, I see that count of BF3 players thereby the battlelog users are increasing with the recent sales and offers on the game for PC. This thread is to have all the TDF users with battlelog id's listed at one place so that we can for a TDF clan and join in togather for some exciting frag...
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    Airtel or Act BB??

    Currently I am using BSNL at borewell road, whitefield which sucks on pings after 5PM till 11 45 PM :) as I had no other options available in the area. I am shifting to 5th Cross, D Block, AECS layout, Blore and I find Act and Airtel being available in that area. Can someone throw some...
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    [Want to Buy] Read Dead Redemption (PS3)

    Hi, I am looking for RDR either for trade, sale or share. I am from whitefield, Bangalore. Regards, Rakesh
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    [Want to Buy] Ps3 Move Starter kit + Dualshock + Latest PS3 exclusive games

    Looking for a move kit + move games like sports champion 2 etc + a dualshock 3 + PS3 exclusives like MGR:R and GT5 I got the move kit now am still looking for the games.. Also add Red dead redemption to the list
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    Buying PS3 now??

    Hi All, Lately, I am starting to think about having a console at home specially after realizing the fact that consoles indeed have an upper hand in new releases and also better games than pcs (I am a hardcore pc gamer and yet thinking of a console too) I have no/less experience with...
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    Inverter Setup

    Hi all, I am planning to setup an inverter at home in order to run - 2 tube lights, 2 cfl lights, 2 fans, 1 PC, 1 32 inch LED tv The pc specs are in my signature. Additionally, I have an APC 1KV UPS for my pc and a 24 inch monitor. My requirement is to run the above for 2 hrs...
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    Where can i buy games near Whitefield

    Where can I get pc games in Whitefield?? I am looking for XCOM enemy unknown.. Cant find the retail copy online. PS:: I am not fond of downloading 12 GB odd and buy a key instead bump!!
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    Budget keyboard for gaming

    Hi All, Currently I am using a MS keyboard. I am looking for a change now. Can someone suggest a budget keyboard for gaming around 2K?? All I need is backlit keyboard and am not interested in bells and whistles like macros (I don't mind if they come in the budget though). Regards, Rakesh
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    sudden and random FPS drop - 7870

    I own a new sapphire 7870 (bought just a month ago). I am experiencing sudden drop in fps while playing games, even while playing a low level game like LOL. This issue is gone as soon as I restart the machine and everything is normal thereafter. It is pretty random and so I am not able to find...
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