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    Two monitors with G-Force 6200 graphic card

    My configuration is C2D E 6750, ASUS P5K VM MBD, NVIDIA G-Force 6200 Turbocache graphic card, 2 GB RAM, Viewsonic 19" LCD VX 1932. I have connected LCD on DVI port. Can I use my old LG 17" CRT connected to VGA port on same graphic card simulteneously in dual monitor mode.
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    Help for Sony Handycam on Firewire port

    When I connect Sony Handycam DCR TRV 355E Digital8 to IEEE 1394 port it is asking for a driver to install. I searched a driver for the same but did not find even on Sony's website. Pl help. My system is C2D E6750, Asus P5K VM mobo with built in Firewire port and OS is Windows VISTA. It was not...
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