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  1. Arnab

    RTX 3070- Gigabyte Gaming OC or AOURUS Or ROG STRIX ASUS

    Hello everyone, I have been using my R9 290 which I plan to replace within next week. I have currently i5 9600K Procy and Gigabyte 370 Gaming Rev2 Mobo. Out of 3080 and 3070 I think 3070 would be in my budget since the Founder edition 3080 would be higher than OC 3070 Rtx. I need suggestion...
  2. Arnab

    NEED HELP- Which Card To buy- GTX 1080/1070- ASUS MSI EVGA ZOTACT

    Hello everybody , Its Been a While I was thinking of upgrading my GPU . My current GPU being R9290, since last 3 years. I am looking for a shift to Nvidia this time just for a change of taste. So I was searching different versions of 1080 and 1070 but there are few confusion which need to get...
  3. Arnab

    Should I Invest in an Xbox one/PS 4?

    Hello, I was just going to buy a Brand new GTX 1070 Rog strix few days back, but Something stuck in my mind and I stopped! #I play Fifa and some other popular multiplayer games online where i experience Lag inspite of having a good Connection. Now, by any chance this is connected to my...
  4. Arnab

    Processor Upgrade- AMD

    Hello, Those who Know me is well aware I like AMD Components. I am currently having FX 8150 but like to upgrade to something nicer. Having Crosshair Formula 5 MOBO .. I am not aware whats comming in to the market ,been out of touch to many things . Kindly Suggest me a Good Processor Upgrade...
  5. Arnab

    Get Net Broadband- Reviews

    Hello, Anybody have any idea how is get net broadband? My cable operators are providing it so if anyone knows how it works and its connection quality, Please Advice. I am really need of a Good Internet ASAP. Regards AD
  6. Arnab

    NEED CLARIFICATION- for R9 290X with AMD X6 Procy

    Hello, One of my friend like to buy R9 290x . He is having Procy-AMD Phenon X6 3.20 ghz . Would like to know if He can Attach R9 290x without any hassel . as he might get Bottleneck . He is having PSU- Cooler Master 850 watt Silent Pro. No plan to Xfire
  7. Arnab

    Need Advice - R9 290x or R9 290

    NEED ADVICE- Bought R9 290- PICS ADDED Hello, I have been pondering too long for a good graphics card and the long awaited journey after long "techy" discussion has finally paid off. But I am really confused now !!! I was initially thinking to get R9 290x but many told me to not go for 290x...
  8. Arnab

    Need a home theater system with av reciever for my friend-budget 30-35k

    Hello, My friend needs a suggestion for buying a good Home Theater Package. I have auditioned Denon AV Rcv. and its too costly and having A.S.S issues in Kolkata . Can you please suggest me a System ... Using Purpose To play games, To watch Movies To listen Music Thanks
  9. Arnab

    NEED Advice For Buying Graphics Card- GTX 780,770 or HD 7970 Vaporx

    Hello, I am just planning to buy a gfx card pretty soon but I am really confused with which one should i GO. My Current Budget is 35K and I was planning to go for HD 7970 VporX 3gb few days back. Now I saw rolling in their Nvdia Gtx 780 out inmarket with price tag of 47K , and now...
  10. Arnab

    AIRTEL BROADBAND - Review anyone?

    Hello, I am getting Airtel BB in my area . Just want to switch from BSNL To any Local Cable BB or AIrtel. I found that that SITICABLE BB and Airtel BB are both available in my city. I heard of Airtel a bit that they are good at PINGS- Anyone have Any Idea ? OR Should i Go with SIITI CABLE...
  11. Arnab


    Hello, I am thinking of changing my Current internet connection from BSNL to any one of these. BSNL has simple become a crap and its hardly possible to carry on with it. Though, i saw they have launched there new Fibre Plan, but its too pricy to take . So I have these two options in my...
  12. Arnab

    Bsnl FTTH service- anyone have any idea?

    Hello, I am hovering through new plans of bsnl when i just got a glance of the new Fibre Wire Plans launched by BSNL. Actually I am having tremendous PIng Problems while playing games like FIFA 13. So, it seems this service have got something new to offer , A STRONG NETWORK MAY BE...
  13. Arnab

    USB 3.0 PORT Problem-

    Hello Guys, I have Asus Corssair Formula 5 Mobo and I am facing a problem little while. Sometime when i am plugging in any US 3.0 Enable External HDDs to my mobo USB 3.0 ports ,the mobo not detecting it and i have to swtich to the usb 2.0 ports . Its a typical problem happening to both Front...
  14. Arnab

    Peculiar Problem- Computer hanged

    Hello , One of my friend is facing a prob, PLease read belo his words so, can any one help out this peculiar problem ? what should he do? wating egerly for your responses Thanks.
  15. Arnab

    Problem With Router Ports- GAME LAAG

    Hello, I am having a typical problem with my internet . Its been 4 months that I am facing an issue of game lag with FIFA 13 . I have reported and sent them all the log files of the test they have put me through. Now EA Customer Support is saying I have to open some UDP and TCP Ports of my...
  16. Arnab

    FX 8150 CPU Problem

    Hello, There has been always lag occuring while i am doing medium memory oriented works. This problems had never taken place on the past, just started few days back and I still cant find the reason . This is the memory graphy As soon as I start my computer within 5 min the graph...
  17. Arnab

    Onkyo HT-S3400 Problem

    Hello Mates, I just bought this product and having some issues while playing games and watching over movies, hearing songs while remaining connected with internet.. The sound is getting a glitch , as like its getting stopped for some 1 sec and starting again, very awkward . Can u please...
  18. Arnab

    Need Help on XFIRING

    Hey mates, I just got PALIT HD 4870 for some days in my hand. Can I Xfire it with by Current HD 5850.. Is IT Possible and Doable? Kindly Tell , waiting for replies Thanks and Cheers!
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