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  1. vs_sriram

    PayPal problems !

    Thanks for the info guys,that cleared it up for me :D one last long does it take for the cheque to reach my home ? [aprox]
  2. vs_sriram

    PayPal problems !

    Thanks a lot for the info sukhdeep ! :D So,the only solution for me is to create a new account on my dad's name,use his credit card to activate it and receive money through that ? Also,once verified,will those 500$ per month/3000$ lifetime limits go away ? or do i need to upgrade my account...
  3. vs_sriram

    PayPal problems !

    Hi, I've recently started freelancing and I have the option of receiving money through paypal [from my US Client] I've created a paypal account but the problem is I'm unable to add my UTI Bank International Debit card to keeps saying that the my card is rejected by my bank and that...
  4. vs_sriram

    Piracy is Social Service

    Yeah...and SKOAR! magazine has started donig this "social service" too....bunch of motherfu**ers...they have put WAREZ on their latest issue...lots of pirated games[including their cracks+nfos] .....sadly,the list of pirated games in the DVDs also includes the great HALF-LIFE 1....which is...
  5. vs_sriram

    [Preview + Feedback] Digit July 06 guys really want the "internet" safe,eh ? But not the magazine..LOL
  6. vs_sriram

    [Preview + Feedback] Digit July 06

    LOL,everytime you guys make an article about porn,you actually endup "educating" kids about how to access porn Example: Page 42 has a pic with the URL linking to : Now every kid in India[who doesnt know how to use Google] will know where to find da chicks ! Seriously,there is no point in...
  7. vs_sriram

    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    Re: **Post all your BSNL Dataone Related Queries Here** hi, I'm from Hyderabad too,I've applied for the UL 900 offer today and as there was shortage of modems,I took the option of buying a modem myself.. I took a D-Link ADSL Router [DSL-502T] ,it cost me 1700 Rs and the guy told me that it...
  8. vs_sriram

    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Re: Need info on 6800 GT 256 MB My current card is an ASUS FX 5200 128 MB[3 yrs old]...its an AGP 8X card and i dunno if it fits in a PCI-e slot or not... The card that I'm looking for is the XFX GeForce 6800 GS 256 MB DDR3 8X AGP ....I'd like to know the avalability of this card and...
  9. vs_sriram

    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Anyone ? Plz,I need to get rid of my 5200 :lol:
  10. vs_sriram

    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Thx deathvirus_me :D ,I've just checked its specs and it seems good enough for me...could anyone plz tell me the price of this card[XFX GeForce 6800 GS 256 MB DDR3 8X AGP] ? Also,is my present 350 watts powersupply enough for this card ? Or do I need to get 500 ? [I've got a 17" monitor,2...
  11. vs_sriram

    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Need info on 6800 GT 256 MB I'm planning to ditch my 5200 and get a new 6800 256 MB card [AGP 8X] Could someone plz tell me about the best brands for this model[Leadtek,or XFX or some other]...also,I'd like to know the prices... Plz note that I'm looking for the AGP 8X version of this...
  12. vs_sriram

    [By Demand] September 2005 DVD+CD

    LOL yes,and most of the ppl are just spamming[see the vista post above] and some requests are ridiculous..some m0r0ns are requesting 3ds max 7 LOL...and some want tutorials...LOL,use google dumm1es :P The demo of F.E.A.R. is all I request[its over 600 MB and too big to download].. As for...
  13. vs_sriram

    E3 2005

    Hey,you guys should really checkout the updates at E3...I cant believe that none of you guys here are talking about it...There is a Revolution out there called the PS3..... Checkout these NEXT-GEN Ingame Screenies of a few PS3 Games...I'm sure you'll get hooked to E3 after seeing these...
  14. vs_sriram

    Game wallpapers
  15. vs_sriram

    Best DVD Drive ?

    Thanks guys,I bought a Sony DVD-ROM DDU1622 :D :D [for 1500Rs] Time to browse all those Digit DVDs :twisted:
  16. vs_sriram

    Best DVD Drive ?

    >bump< Dont tell me that none of you guys own a DVD Drive :roll: Plz,somebody...I gotta give my dad the brand name,so that he can get it today in the evening :(
  17. vs_sriram

    Best DVD Drive ?

    Hi Guys, Now that SKOAR had offered 2 DVDs with it,the time has finally come for me to get a DVD Drive[Dont ask me how i lived all these days without one....all my my Digit DVDs lie untouched....hell :oops: ] OK,so I'd like to buy a DVD Drive[no combos or Writers...just a plain DVD...
  18. vs_sriram

    Need For Speed Most Wanted Discussion

    yeah...night driving was fun in NFSU1...but NFSU2 sucked in that department....they should've added som day light and cops in it...anyway,NG might be worth the wait :wink: Till then keep playing SRS for some daylight :D
  19. vs_sriram

    First PS3 Screenshots Possessed

    Source : I dont see anything "revolutionary" in the screenshot[its possible with the current generation engines]...but losing skin and body parts in real-time, revealing individual gore patterns..woohoo..sounds...
  20. vs_sriram

    **GTA San Andreas system requirements confirmed!!!**

    Yeah...and this time the PC Version will support MODDING [officially]...thats very good news for me :) Moe info at
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