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  1. deathwish

    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    Neil Young - Cortez the killer
  2. deathwish

    POWER OF OPEN SOURCE! All Courts in India to use Ubuntu!

    I don't get it. What is the point of this decision?
  3. deathwish

    Digit devWorks contest

    iPad?! Oooooooo!!
  4. deathwish

    Suggest Me a Game [PC]

    Re: Must play games recommended by Digitians / suggest me a game thread Dave was the sh*t. \m/
  5. deathwish

    Should I trust

    Though I haven't had any personal experience with FlipKart, through some friends I know that it is a trustworthy site. It is one of India finest e-commerce sites, and as reliable a site as you can find. Since it seems you are new to online shopping, I can give you a few tips which I learnt along...
  6. deathwish

    Shocking Revealations about Meego from a Nokia Employee

    I think we should wait till Nokia comes out with a WP7 model to actually decide upon that.
  7. deathwish

    Nokia wins legal battle against Apple

    I think the era of Symbian is long gone. With the perfectness (I couldn't think of a more accurate word :P ) of the iOS, and the rapid development of Android (thanks to its open source architecture) I don't see any major competitors in the nearby future.
  8. deathwish

    Music Dashboard To Come On Facebook

    That may be, but when you combine this feature with the largest social networking site in the world, you get something vastly superior.
  9. deathwish

    Java Queries Here..

    Thank you. I think I'll work on this for now. I'll be back. :)
  10. deathwish

    Java Queries Here..

    Anything in particular you would recommend? Edit: Notepad++ :)
  11. deathwish

    Java Queries Here..

    I want to learn Java and have gotten down to it already. I would like to know which IDE to use. I downloaded Eclipse. Is that appropriate for my level or should I rather download something more basic? I know C/C++ so the logic behind the programs isn't too difficult for me to grasp, if that is...
  12. deathwish

    ihyped or iAwesome !

    That is true. Their followers worship Apple for some inexplicable reason. They refuse to look beyond the brand. Even if you point out the flaws and point them towards a superior product, they will refuse to acknowledge it. :-x
  13. deathwish

    ihyped or iAwesome !

    It varies from person to person.
  14. deathwish

    ihyped or iAwesome !

    I feel that the iPod has the best music quality around, second only to the Sony Walkman. Well, every man has their own taste in music, so I cannot actually give an objective view on that. I hate the Cowon players, to be honest, because of the plastic feeling they give. And the interface of the...
  15. deathwish

    Google Launches Search By Image & Voice.

    Wow. No wonder every geek wants to work for Google. If they can come up with stuff like this, who wouldn't want to work for them???! :o
  16. deathwish

    ihyped or iAwesome !

    Bah! Deviating again, we are. :lightsabre: You cannot ignore the superb built quality of Apple devices. I thought of going for Cowon too, but they are neither as sturdy nor as elegant as the Classic. The only problem with the Classic is scrolling through tonnes of songs with that damn scroll...
  17. deathwish

    Music Dashboard To Come On Facebook

    Apparently, the social networking giant, Facebook is set to launch a music dashboard on the site, through which you can listen to music, recommend music to your friends, etc. Haha!! Awesome, innit?!
  18. deathwish

    Google In Trouble

    I hope that lawsuit won't affect their Google Doodles though! They are just brilliant! :hyper: On a serious note, if anyone gets any further info on this lawsuit, please keep us updated!
  19. deathwish

    Google In Trouble

    The plot thickens! :stirpot:
  20. deathwish

    ihyped or iAwesome !

    Features and freedom are different things, my friend.
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