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  1. sid_ashok

    Which one?-SE K750i, W550i, W300i, or Moto Rzr V3i

    I have budget around 8-10 k Which one?-SE K750i, W550i, W300i, or Moto Rzr V3i I love flap phone thats why w300i and moto v3i
  2. sid_ashok

    Internet from Mobile?

    I want to run connect my mobile to my computer to run internet. BSNL is charging the GPRS rates that's per KB for running internet. Is it a good choice.? Any other cheap mobile option as i cant have a landline of BSNL. Which will be best mobile set for fast internet exess via GPRS...
  3. sid_ashok

    Vista! but no fun

    yesterday i got had to Vista! beta 1 atlast But a big problem I have MSi RS480 Mbo. and it has Readon 200 grafix on board. It dont support my grafix drivers? any way to solve this issue?
  4. sid_ashok

    Make My HDD New

    I freind had a 40 GB HDD which had many errors. One entire partion is currupted. His brother baught 80 GB new HDD. Now this 40 GB HDD is our new TOY. How to make it somewhat new so that we can use it to store our Data. How to format it to make it new?
  5. sid_ashok

    Why this happens to me only- No sound

    guys frist of all i am very very happy as i baught spanking new Computer. I baught AMD 64 3200+ with MSI RS482M2 mother board. i also baught 1 gb ram and 160 gb hdd. Now the problem sound from right channel is not comming. Its not the software problem as i reinstalled windows 2 times. I...
  6. sid_ashok

    Cell phone that shoots bullets

    Ya its true Hitting the 5, 6, 7 and 8 buttons on the gunphone fires four .22 caliber rounds in quick succession. See the full story
  7. sid_ashok

    Apple ka ek aur dhamaka

    Now u have ipod modile phone Yes check this link
  8. sid_ashok

    NVIDIA GeForce 7900GT Pics, Specs

    uncovered some details about NVIDIA's upcoming GeForce 7900GT See it your self-
  9. sid_ashok

    Here Comes a Google for Coders

    For most people, open source is a synonym for free software. But for programmers, open source is about sharing code, building on the work of others and not having to reinvent the wheel -- at least, that's the ideal. In practice, code reuse remains very low, because it's often too hard for...
  10. sid_ashok

    NES Emulator for Cell Phones

    Finally, a working NES emulator for cell phones. VNes supports J2ME/Symbian platforms and requires 256K running memory along with a decent CPU to run. Download a demo version Here
  11. sid_ashok

    Apple's ode to hackers

    Apple developers embedded a warning deep in its OS X software -- in the form of a poem. Apple Computer Inc. has resorted to a poetic broadside in the inevitable cat-and-mouse game between hackers and high-tech companies. The maker of Macintosh computers had anticipated that hackers would...
  12. sid_ashok

    Playstation 3 Will Cost Sony $900?

    According to Merill Lynch, the Playstation 3 will cost Sony an incredible $900 per unit at launch. The IBM Cell Processor and Blu-ray drive alone account for over 60% of the total. All parts add up to only $800, but if you look closer, a price isn’t listed for the detachable 2.5″ HDD which may...
  13. sid_ashok

    New Google/Yahoo/MSN looks
  14. sid_ashok

    Crazy Multi-Input Touch Screen

    This is a video of a multi-input touch screen that hopefully will make its way into consumer computer market in time. A standard touch screen allows one input at a time. This allows multiple people to use it and allows for Minority Report like features. Super Cool...
  15. sid_ashok

    Broadband law rewrite planned for 2006

    check this out
  16. sid_ashok

    Cannot access files after a format and fresh install

    edit:techno-thread title edited Aaj kar mera computer mujhe hi pareshan kiya hua hai. I am in big problem. I have 2 partitions in my 40 GB hard disk. I have installed windows xp in 1st partition (c:) and i keep all my documents in 2nd partition (D:). I have set 'my documents' in d...
  17. sid_ashok

    Install with my love.

    I want to install ubuntu, but i also want ot keep my love Windows Xp. I dont want to format my computer. I have xp installed in C. i have D drive for ubuntu. How to do it. Plzzz tell me
  18. sid_ashok

    Which Mboard

    guys i want to buy a new pc just in few days. AMD 64 3200+ 939 socket i cant deside for mboard. i am a gamer and want onboad grafics as have no plan to buy graphics card now but will buy one in 7-8 months, so upgrade option should be there, will buy pci express graphics card. but now i...
  19. sid_ashok

    Trade in your old CDs for an iPod

    Realy it is true See at this source
  20. sid_ashok

    Do you play worms mayhem or other worms game

    Played any of the worms games (it is a great turn based game best to play between freinds) Which one you like most
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