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  1. zodiac_511

    ASUS P6X58D-E USB 3.0 availability

    Hi, Is the above motherboard available in India and at what price? Thanks in advance.
  2. zodiac_511

    Help needed with a Gaming PC Config.

    Hey I'm planning to buy a gaming PC. Budget is ~80K Here's the config: CPU: i7 860 [14.5] MOBO: Asus P7P55D PRO [10] RAM: Kingston DDR3 2GBx2 [6] HDD: Seagate 500GB [2.6] GRAPHICS: XFX ATI 5870 [26] MONITOR: BenQ G2220HD [9.2] SPEAKERS: Zebronics ZEB SW7000R [2.8] MOUSE & KEYBOARD...
  3. zodiac_511

    Call barring?

    Is there any way one can block calls from a particular number? Is this dependant on your service provider? If so does Airtel Chennai offer this? or Is there any software based method for Sony Ericssons?
  4. zodiac_511

    Mobile Security / SE Antivirus

    I read an article in today's Times Of India (Chennai edition). It said that viruses could be disguised as SMSes. Is this true? Anyway do Sony Ericssons need antivirus software, considering they're Java based? If so could you suggest one for the SE C902. Thanks.
  5. zodiac_511

    SE and Cell track

    I know this may sound pretty dumb. But will Cell track work on a Sony K850i? or will it work ONLY on a Symbian OS based phone? Any similar software for the 850i if this doesnt work? Thanks.
  6. zodiac_511

    A Gaming PC for 35K

    My friend is planning to buy a Gmaing PC for Rs30-35K (No more than this) He wants pure unadulterated value for money and is particular about 1. 160Gb HDD 2. DX 10 based GFX Card Can anyone here whip up a good config for 35 K? One more thing the mouse and keyboard dont have to...
  7. zodiac_511

    Conversion of .pdf to .lit

    Is there anyway to convert .pdf or .txt to .lit files (Used by MS Reader). A free solution is preffered. Thanks in advance, zodiac
  8. zodiac_511

    Alternative to System Mechanic

    Guys, I need a software which can do the following 1. Remove recent lists(like in the "Run" window and "Open File" windows) 2. Optimize the registry 3. Delete Junk files Thanks in advance, zodiac_511
  9. zodiac_511

    LAN Chat

    Could anyone suggest a good LAN Chat Software. Also is there an inbuilt LN Chat client in Win XP and 2000?
  10. zodiac_511

    System Problem (Modem, a likely culprit)

    Whenever I'm connected to the net and play an audio file or any media for that matter (even a yahoo audible or sound in a web page) ,my system crashes(shows the BSOD). Modem: Motorola SM56 Speakerphone modem Sound card: SoundBlaster Live! 24 bit Mobo: MSI K8N Diamond OS : Win XP SP2 with...
  11. zodiac_511

    Anti Morph Software

    I remember reading about a software that can make a photo "non editable" Could anyone tell me the name of the software? PS: I read about this either in Digit or Chip and dont have the time to search them
  12. zodiac_511

    Changing XP Bootscreen (WITHOUT 3rd party software)

    Can anyone tell me how to change the bootscreen of Windows SP2 WITHOUT using any software. Thanks in advance, zodiac_511
  13. zodiac_511

    Creating Win 2000 bootable cd

    I have a windows 2000 professional cd. It is not a bootable cd and has a folder called "makebootdisk" with which you can create bootable floppies to initiate the installation. Is there anyway to install 2000 without the floppies ie by booting up thro the cd ?
  14. zodiac_511

    Computer shuts off suddenly

    My system of late has started acting up Usually when i'm connected to the net it just switches of as though the power supply has gone off an then continues to reboot and says a system error has occured. No viruses or spyware was detected by NIS 2005 ,Spybot or MS Antispyware . I have faced no...
  15. zodiac_511

    Weird Lan Problem

    I had successfully craeted a LAN Connection between my bro's comp and mine .It worked fine and we played a few games against each other (Halo , Age of Mythology) and then shut the pcs down upon booting the pcs back after 3 hrs the lan connection continues to work but we cant play multiplayer...
  16. zodiac_511

    DV Tapes

    I have a panasonic NV-DS30EN but the software provided only allows me to make still shots out of the movie clip.I connect the cam to my pc by the provided data cable. The cam uses DV tapes for recording. Is it possible 2 convert the dv tapes to formats like mpeg and avi?
  17. zodiac_511

    Sound Problem

    Ultimately I bought my new system. It has a MSI K89 Diamond Mobo with a Sound Blaster 24 bit Live! (onboard) and Creative Inspire 4400 4.1 Channel speakers .I have installed games like Doom 3 ,Nolf 2 ,GTA SA ,etc etc etc... .The problem is that when playing GTA SA I don't hear the sound of...
  18. zodiac_511

    Will this Config work ?

    I'm purchasing a new system 8) CPU =AMD Athlon64 (939 pin) 3800+ MOBO =MSI K89 Diamond RAM =512 MB (DDR 400 Mhz) HDD =80 GB SATA (Seagate 7200 rpm) Monitor =Philips 109 P4 (19in) Graphics Card=PowerColor Radeon X800XL / Ati...
  19. zodiac_511

    No Account Picture on Xp's start menu

    I use XP Pro SP2 with all the latest updates . My start Menu is the XP style but it does not display the account picture and displays only the account name. How can I get back the picture. Yes I have selected a pic in the User Profiles :?: .Any hints???
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