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    Noob question

    Hi friends, I am a complete noob in linux. I have installed sabayon. it looks very good. i want to know how to install softwares eg: pppoe client which is having extension tar. plz help.
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    Firewall Help

    Hi guys, Hi i zone alarm security suite 6.5 installed on my P.C. I have few prob: 1. After instralling it takes long time to boot into ur computer even if u have removed it from ur start-up list. 2. I hered that comondo firewall is also very good i.e almost equal to zone-alarm, is it...
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    connecting net in fc6

    Hi guys, I have installed fc6 & want to connect net through bsnl dataone. i have seen one thread about configuring bsnl dataone, there he has mentioned to select ur nic card from the list. But my nic card is RTL 8168/8111 gigabit nic, since my mobo is Asus p5b. so wht to do? Plz help me
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    FC6 or suse 10.1 or other

    Hi friends, I am new to linux & i wanna install a good linux. I want to ask which is better distro among fc6 , suse or any other in terms of appearance, userfriendly as i am new to linux. plz suggest a good distro.
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    PC case

    Hi guys, I want to buy a new pc,so i want to have a gaming case this time. I want to have a raidmax ninja cabinet ,plz tell me wether i can get it in mumbai. Also plz suggest any good gaming cabinet with nice room for cooling.
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    PC case problem

    Hello friends, I have decided to buy a new rig after my 2nd sem gets over i.e after 2-3 months. So, I have decided to gather info about all hardware. I have so far decided to buy the following rig, plz suggest me a good S.M.P.S & a good cabinet. :) My rig goes like...
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    turbo c++

    Hi Everyone, I am using a old ver of turbo c++ running in Dos mode. I want a latest ver of turbo c++ windows based but i can't find it. :?: Do anybody know from where i can get it.
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    Processor price confusion?

    Hi everyone I want to know is amd 64 x2 4200+ is better than Fx53 or Fx55,if yes than why the price of Fx is costlier than x2. :?: plz reply soon.[/b]
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    DDR & DDR2 Ram

    :D I want to buy a new pc :D :) Everything is decided except ram :) :cry: I asked to my retailer about DDR2 ram & he was not knowing about that, he told me it might be a dual channel ram. :cry: :? I don't know DDR2 ram means dual channel ram or not :? :) Plz tell me is it...
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