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    N86 - is it any good?

    First of all, I want to thank you all for helping me out two years ago in choosing Nokia 5700. The scene has really changed a lot since then, with touch screen phones coming in. So here's the deal- I want to get a new smartphone (budget 18-22k) and I can't decide. N86 looks good. Touchscreen...
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    DVD Writer - Suggest

    I bought a Sony OEM DVD writer 2 years back. It developed a tray problem after 3 months- sent for repair - developed same problem again. Then it stopped reading Dual Layer DVDs. And from last 2 months, it's not even reading DVD5 sometimes. So I want to buy a new cost-effective DVD Writer...
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    Suggest Internal HDD

    Hello People. First of all I want to thank you for helping me in my purchase decisions so far. I want to buy a huge (750GB/1TB) internal HDD for my desktop. I am hearing about issues with Seagate 7200.11 drives. Please suggest me one and also tell me the price. I live in mumbai. Thanks.
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    Grey Market!

    I wanted to buy a Canon SX100 IS. It seems the price abroad is almost half of indian price. Well, I am not lucky enough to have any relative abroad, so I was thinking I should try Alpha in mumbai. Will the price there be cheaper (like abroad)?
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    Suggest MP3 Player 3-4k

    Hi People, i am about to buy a MP3 player for my sister. I don't need anything fancy. FM Radio should be there. Budget 3 to 4K. Please be kind enough to suggest me a model. I am from Mumbai.
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    N91 4gb/n72/5700

    Ok! N91 4GB is really cheap now. N72 is good value for money at 9.8k. 5700 is cool. How do one decide? My preference will be ability to use lots of software. I read an article long ago about N91 using a newer updated version of symbian and hence became incompatible with many existing third-party...
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    HP INKJET PRINTER deskjet 656c for sale

    HP INKJET PRINTER deskjet 656c for sale: Rs1200 ONLY I want to sale my printer HP deskjet 656c. I live in mumbai, interested to sell it to any one who can collect it from my place. Package includes: 1.Printer 2.User's Manual 3.Driver CDs (Two in number) 4.Power Adapter with cable...
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    Inability to view CHM files and see license agreement screen of Adobe acrobat profess

    Inability to view CHM files and see license agreement screen of Adobe acrobat professional 8 I used Autopatcher XP to install some security updates (installed a bunch of them) and after that i am unable TO VIEW COMPILED HTML HELP FILES. At around same time, I faced another problem when i...
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    Blank dual layer DVD media

    I dont know whether this is the right place to ask this question (forgive me if its not). I want to know from where i can get blank DUAL LAYER dvd in mumbai?
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