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  1. Vishnupg45

    Xiaomi Mi 5 - Android Wifi speed slow on Mobile, but not on the PC connected to the same LAN

    Hello everyone, Its been a long time i have been here to the forums. I have a problem with my phone WiFi speeds over my TP-Link Router which is connected to the ACT fiber net plan in Coimbatore which has a base speed of 25 MBPS to my home. The issue is that the WiFi speeds are not fully...
  2. Vishnupg45

    help me identify the bsod error

    I recently assembled my system. I installed everything from driver cd.. The problem is i get blue screen every 2nd or 3rd startup. Then i can boot my pc and continue work as normal. I have taken a pic through my phone. But i dont know how to upload in this post. Pls help.
  3. Vishnupg45

    Gigabyte h77 motherboards availability?

    what happened happened to the gigabyte h77 series motherboards? I cant find any of them in flipkart,theitdepot,theitwares,smcinternational? When they will be released? And expected prices?
  4. Vishnupg45

    Variation of prices of 7750

    The same gigabyte 7750 oc edition card and on flipkart...
  5. Vishnupg45

    New pc build. Sandy bridge or wait for ivy bridge?

    Hi I currently have selected i5 2500 non-k processor with dh67cl mobo and 4 gb ram. The question now is that shall I wait for ivybridge at the same pricing range or just buy the config within a week? I will be using the pc for playing games at 720p resolution and mostly for studying, entertainment.
  6. Vishnupg45

    New dx11 graphics card for <4.5 k

    I m building a new system with phenom ii 955be in mind. My budget for graphics card alone is 4500. I want to be able to play assassin creed series, call of duty series and f1 series. My resolution would be 1366 x 768.
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