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    nokia 6070

    I've seen on the nokia official site, it says the phone has 4 MB of internal shared memory. While on it says the phone has 16 Mb of memory, on its 3.2Mb... Cud anyone explain wat is the truth?
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    cannot boot at all

    hi i had installed elxLinux on my comp on one partition of 10GB, the other 30GB was used by WinXP. Got bugged and directly deleted the drive using Administrative tools and formated it back to NTFS from EXT2. The next time i started my comp, i jst wouldn't boot into Windows XP. I just get the...
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    internet and its applications

    guys, i know its a kinda boring... But we should list all the applications that we know bout the internet. Mayb sum techies might be able to tell us applications unheard of.
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    drum printer??

    what is a drum printer? How exactly does it work, and how is it different from the other types of printers?
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    not shuttin down...

    hi! i've read bout his prob before but... Now my PC doesn't shut down. I have to manually switch the power off. It all happened after i installed the Windows cust. Pack. I 've reinstalled Windows but it didn't help. Koi Bhala insaan meri maddad kar sakta hai?
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    I don't know if this is the right place, but isn't anyone getting any notifications thru mail for any posts (threads) or is it just me?
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    cheap LAN?

    hi! I have a 865GBF machine, it does not have any slot for a LAN cable. I've heard that the normal phone lines can also be used to connect two computers... If it is possible, then cud someone tell me how to do it? And other cheap options, if available? I do not wish to buy a network adapter. the...
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    Dr.DivX probs

    :?: hi there! i use Dr.DivX to convert my DVDs to DivX format. the problem is that i'm not able to encode any file in the 2-pass mode, it gves an error message. another Qn, what are the optimal settings to get the best compromise between quality and size of the encoded file? i tried increasing...
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    use picasa to edit ur pics!

    Ok, Its true that Picasa only touches ur pictures and save the settings as .ini files, bt there is a way to actally use Picasa as an image editor. First just go along the usual way of tweaking your pictures, when you are done, start the slide show and click so that the toolbar disappears and...
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    Stupid IR port.

    :( now, this is my first post after having tried the chip forum (townsquare), which disappointed me. I recently bought an IR port for my 6020, it worked fine for a few days, but then went beserk. Nokia PC Suite doesn't detect my cell through it, my friend's 6601 is detected on his comp using...
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