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    Can I install Ubuntu/Mint without burning to a cd?

    Hi, I have an old Acer travelmate laptop on which I intend to install Ubuntu or Linux mint. I downloaded the iso, burnt them to a cd and tried installing them. I can boot from the live cd without any problems. I can start the install process without any problems. However, when the process...
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    How do I install any OS on such a laptop?

    My friend has an ancient acer travelmate 4020 laptop. The cdrom drive in the laptop is not working. He wants to use the laptop as it is for as long as it lasts without spending any more money on it. Recently his windows crashed and couldn't be repaired. So, we took out the hard disk, put it...
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    What is the problem with my hard disk partitions?

    Please take a look at the image. My disk 0 is a 60 gb hard drive. Apart from the partitions having drive letters, only 10 gb should have been free/unpartitioned space. My disk 1 is a 160 gb hard drive. It should have had only about 13 gb unpartitioned space. Is it a problem with partition...
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    how to configure ntfs drives/drivers? IN ubuntu

    I've 3 drives in windows partitioned as ntfs. Earlier it used to be loaded just as read only. I got ntfs-3g, installed it and modified fstab so that those drives are always configured as r/w using ntfs-3g I also have an 160gb external drive, also formatted as ntfs. Whenever I insert it, Ubuntu...
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    bypass proxy to download files

    I've proxy server at college. I can bypass it to browse various sites like orkut. But it has banned .exe and .bin files. Is there any way by which I can download .exe files?
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    help me uninstall this software

    A few weeks ago, I installed a trial version of keylocker pro on my n70me. I installed it on phone memory. After the trial period is over, I wanted to uninstall it. But was unable o do so. It gave me an error "remove failed". I want to know if can be removed any way.
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    best mp3 player for symbian

    I recently bought a n70me. its music player is pretty good but doesn't have an equaliser. Please suggest me a music player with equaliser with symbian. It would be better if it were free
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    PDF reader for java phones?

    Can I get a pdf reader for se w810i?
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    From exe to source code

    Hey, Can anyone tell me how to get source code from an executable?
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    problems with arch linux

    I got an iso, which I wrote onto a cd. In my desktop, the cd boots and displays the first screen. when I start the setup, something goes on(I don't know what, coz i'm new to linux and I can't figure out the meanings of what is displayed there) and then all of a sudden, system restarts and the...
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    help me setup a smartlink dialup modem and connect via sancharnet dialup

    I'm completely new to linux and have installed fedora core 4. I have a smart link 56k dialup modem from krypton and it is working fine in windows xp. I'm not able to install its drivers in linux. At first I used the driver provided by the manufacturer (slmdm-2.7.14). I extracted the...
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