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    Help: Moto X Play unable to detect home Wifi

    Hi I recently bought the Moto X Play from Flipkart. Since day 1 I'm unable to use my home wifi and hence have not setup the phone upto now. On the first boot itself after selecting lang options it asks to select an available wifi network to check for updates etc. Here it lists other networks...
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    Advice on buying used S4

    Hi ALL, I find an interesting deal from someone in my workplace. Its an ~8 months old Samsung Galaxy S4 for sale, unlocked(originally T-Mobile). Comes with original box,zagg shield protector, and Otterbox defender case. Its unlocked and he has tested it overseas and GSM sims work. And yes...
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    Galaxy grand??

    Hi all, Was looking to buy a phone with relatively larger screen, as I have been using an SE Xperia Ray for quite some time. Went through the devices on offer in the market(online survey), and found the Galaxy Grand interesting. Do u guys think its a good one?? As my usage would...
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