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    Need Help

    Dear Team I had a problem from last one week as I try to delete a folder from my documents but its recreated after a day. I have Trend micro Antivirus with Windows XP Professional SP2 OS we don’t have client / server environment as all machine on workgroup. Kindly revert the solution...
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    Exchange 2003

    Hi. i just configure the exchange server & outlook 2003 as a clinet application my problem is whenever i try to send a mail its showing Synu Issue & also its auto created a folder of the same Please tell what do to. ThX. Vijay
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    AD Query

    Dear all How i automate the following process 1> Delete users which is not login to the domain for more then one month 2> Delete computer name which is not login to the domain for more then one month Please Reply.. Vijay
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    Corrupted default icon

    Dear all please advice how to restore or retrive Corrupted default icon in windows xp /2000. please reply Vijay
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    Require Help

    Dear all We r just implement DHCP in our office & I just want to know is there any way that the department get the IP in range i.e. if I configure to for Accounts etc. Secondly can I distribute the bandwidth of my ISP i.e. if i get 100mbps form ISP so can I...
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    Help Require

    Dear All, I Just want to implement DHCP at our office as we have the static ip for more then 400 pc and the ip was given as per the department so is there any way that i will do the same ip range for all the department as they know in present. My friend suggest to use vlan to configure...
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    .emp files

    Dear ALL, How to play .emp file & which player is support these types of files please reply Vijay
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    windows 2003

    I have a windows 2003 client pc which i want to join in my domain the problem is when i was doing that its joined succesfully but user not get the admin right of the same. As user have the admin rights in the my domain please reply
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