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    Low budget Gaming Laptop < 25k

    Budget : <=25k Primary Usage: Download rig, and Watching HD movies, Photo & video Editing & Finally Games at lower resolution ;) I have zeroed on Asus X42JY with Pentium dual core P6200, 2GB Ram, 500 GB HD & Ati Mobility Radeon Hd 6470 (1GB)... any other alternative at this price point ...
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    Should i go for Pacenet?

    I live in Aarey colony near royal palms mumbai. The only broadband providers are Tikona and pacenet.. Installed tikona last week.. Not working at all. download speed of 3 to 4 kbps for unlimited 600kbps plan.. planning to terminate other option local cable provider. He says the ISP is...
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    Nokia c3 or Motorola ex115 or Micromax Q75 ?

    Hello guys.. Please help me to decide among these phone.. My budget is 6k? Is there any mobile better than the one mentioned above ? i need querty keyboard for sure..
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    Girly mobile around 2k with mp3 player..

    Seems the priority has changed and need to gift a mobile to a sister. She needs MP3 player and FM radio.. no need for camera n all.. Please suggest one.. tried micromax q1, but not girly :( Nokia c1 - no mp3 player... Budget will be around 1 to 2k TIA
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    Suggest a low cost mobile phone.

    I need to buy a mobile just to pick up and answer calls. May be a few sms as well.. Kindly suggest a best low cost mobile phone for the same. You can take approx budget as 1.5k (note : i don't require any other functionality apart from what mentioned above)
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    Soundmagic earphones.

    Hello all I heard soundmagic earphones are great and i want to try one (PL30). Can anyone tell me where to buy ? i mean in the shops and not online.. I'm from Mumbai :) (thanks thakur) TIA
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    Phone arnd 1 to 1.5k

    Can anyone suggest a mobile phone at this range... I need to give as a B'day present to one of my friend...
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    Glossy or Matte Screen.

    Which is best suit for laptop.. Matte screen or glossy screen ?
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    Suggest a low end mobile..

    Plz suggest me a low cost mobile.. anything lesser than 2k as i lost 4 mobiles so far and all are high end models :( .. Dont wanna shed anymore money on mobiles..
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    Mac OS - Leopard release date ??

    Anybody has idea about apple leopard release date .... ?/
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    Macbook Pro or hp dv6000t ?

    Hello everyone, I'm planning to buy a lappy.. so far decided on Macbook pro and Hp dv6000t. Let me know which one to buy.. I like macbook pro 4 sexy look and excellent finish + isight etc .. but it has only 1GB ram and no dual dvd writer + service ???.. Hp has very good config.. but not as...
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    Hard disk to buy ?

    Can anyone suggest a good hard disk to buy ? I need minimum of 300GB space and please quote the price too
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    Which is the best earphone for IPOD?

    Hi, Can anybody suggest a best earphone for my IPOD? I dont like the sound quality by the earphone bundled with IPOD. Plz suggest me to buy a good one :)
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    Suggest a Good 29" Television in range of 15 - 25k

    Can somebody suggest a good television in the range of 15 - 25k ?? I already seen sony KV-SZ29M80/50, but somehow i dont like the look All thoughts are welcome
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    Suggest a mobile under 5k

    Can anybody suggest a good mobile under 5K ?? I want a mobile with FM .. So far i have decided on Motorola W220. Please put ur thoughts ..
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    Suggest a DVD Player with divx playback under 10k

    Can anyone suggest a good DVD player with Divx playback under 10k???? I am planning to upgrade the same to 5.1 home theater system later.. Please put ur thoughts here abt the best player in the market.. Thx in advance :)
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