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    Top secret Coca Cola recipe revealed!

    I heard that the Coca Cola in US tastes far better than that available in India. If so, whether the top secret Coca Cola recipe revealed is that of US make or of Indian Make? Whatsoever, once, the "myst" in the mystery is revealed, the road side Sharbatwallahs, Sharbat would be far better...
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    A 3G Android tablet

    After reading the article "The 'not so smart' Phones" in the February 2011 issue of Digit, especially relating to Poor task Management, Bad battery life and too many screen resolutions which make it tough for app makers, I prefer to wait till the Operating Systems fight it out to provide the...
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    New Google Competitor

    The more the competition, the more will be the pressure on Google to speedup its its Servers to provide accurate Searches in the least amount of time. Also, it would make it look at the features which it is lacking vis-a-vis the new Search-Engine and provide these facilities also. By far...
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    Choose your webinar

    PCTuneUP. With so many softwares working at cross-purposes, it becomes imperative for the laymen users to understand how to tune up the Computer with the best/economical and least memory consuming applications.
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