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    VIsta and IIS

    Frnds this is not my problem but of 1 of my frnd. He has installed IIS but after browsing asp file from iis ,it gives an error "Server Error in Application "Default Web Site". Frnds plz help
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    HTML help

    Hello frnds, I want to know that how can i include a File in my webpage. Let me explain in detail :- I am developering a site which has side links and ads on both the sides.These side links are on all the pages with same look.So i want that when i change the data in my link bar it gets change in...
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    Ram porblem ! Plz help

    Hello frnds I have 256 mb ram in my system. I am saving money from 1 years to buy a 512mb RAM and make my system's RAm 756MB .But one of my frnds told me that having 2 rams with different space makes the system too slow.I am confused.SO i thought to get my question answered by experts. Plz...
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    .ini problem

    Hello frnds i want to create a program in visual basic which helps me to generate a .ini file with the code i provided in a particular folder told by the user .Can u tell me how to do that and also plz give me the links which can help me for the same cause .
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    tracing the ip of a site without using any software and finding its location

    Important:-This is not a hacking :-( stuff rather for just knowing tutorial number = 9 hello frnds :D , In this tutorial i will tell u how to find the ip address of a site without using any software nor any huge lines of codes instead using an inbuilt command then find its location(Map and...
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    Tutorial:Downloading videos from various sites like google,yoututbe and many more

    Tutorial number=8 Source = CHIP (January) Hello frnds .Many of u including me r interested in downloading videos from sites such as youtube,google etc but these sites allow 1 to only watch the videos online.But If u dont want to watch them directly then u can download them.Here is a method for...
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    Add a new item to the right click menu of a folder

    Tutorial number = 7 My 100th post .Hope it will give me some reputation Tutorial for beginners Frnds it sometimes gets irritating when we have to open something and it takes a long procedure.In this tutorial i will tell u how to add a new item to a right click menu of a folder so that u can...
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    Customize the "Open" dialog box

    Tutorial number = 6 In this tutorial I will tell u how to customize the open dialog box side icons through registry. Before starting take a look at my open dialog box before modification:- a>Click on start button. b>Click on run. c>Type regedit (Inbuilt registryeditor of windows) d>Navigate...
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    how to get registry in Applcation

    Can anyone tell me how to get registry in Applcations I am trying to create a program with VB6 which will tell us the programs that load on startup,delete them and create new ones.Therefore i want to use 2registry paths and one windows path in them .Plz tell me how to get them
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    Newbies guide to Windows ownership tricks

    These registry tricks are for beginners. Hello frnds in these tricks i will tell u how to change the registered owner name , registered company ,find ur key of XP. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ These all tricks are in...
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    Plz solve these three ?ns

    Hello frnds I hav 3 ? to ask to u:- a>How to change the extension of a file in dos - mode b>My view button has been diabled in the explorer how can i enable it .I searched for its registry entry but as i am a fool i didnt got it.Plz tell me c>I use i.e 6.Since its my pc therefore i click...
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    Which game u feel the best and why?

    Which game u feel the best and why?
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    Start menu registry hacks to make ur start menu more bautiful and comfortable

    Tutorial number = 4 :o Hello frnds these tweaks will help u modify ur start menu by editing the registry .Plz reply if u liked these tricks:p Note playing with registry is danger:p us .Plz follow these steps before continuing:- a>Back up ur registry before making any changes b>I will not be...
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    Make ur written materials more beautiful by using AASCII keys

    Tutorial number = 3 This Tutorial is only for beginners Hello frnds, this tutorials is basically for beginners but it may prove useful to advanced and intermediate users also. In this tutorial u will learn how to make ur e-mails , textdocuments , presentations ,icons and general writing...
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    help me plz

    Can any one help me in making a software or program or coding that runs the specified task.For e.g I want to make change in shell32.dll's bitmap section and replace an image with the other how can i write the code that will automatically change that image if runned on other computer.plz kindly...
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    Set an image as a background of a window

    Hello frnds, I am a 14 year old boy .This is my second tutorial .My first tutorial was disliked by everyone before 6 months.Plz kindly reply that were u knowing this trick or not . If u want to set an image as the background of a window follow these steps:- a>Create an file with .ini extension...
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    Frnds plz help me

    1>I hav a website in which i want to have a help page in which I should have a button on which when someone clicks can start a new thread on a new page and people should be able to reply him 2>frnds can u provide me a javascript which i can paste in the code of a button and which should...
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    wanna create auto run

    :D to create autorun in a cd :- 1>create a new file in notepad with .inf extension 2>write their [autorun] open=file name 3>now paste the file in the cd and see the effect :mad: siddharth:mad:
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