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    Used PS2 worth buying now?

    omg guys thnx i got it, i even got a multitap free, all of these for only 3k :D but i got 15 games and not 20 and god of war is there :D
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    Lava Xolo X900

    buy Windows Phone by Nokia. :-D Dont even dare to touch any of those shitty androids. :-D
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    Used PS2 worth buying now?

    a guy offered me a used PS2 with 2 original controllers, memory card and 20 top games, its 1 year old and he is asking for 3k, is it worth buying at this price? i have a low spec PC and never ever owned a console, and i am not a heavy gamer at all, i just need to time pass with it :razz:
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