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    Use FlashDrive as a RAM in Windows XP

    Such a useful tool is developed by eBoostr and the trial version is available for free download. There is no expiration limit for trial version, but the catch is that you cannot use the tool for more than 4 hours continuously. If you want to use for more than 4 hours, you need a system restart...
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    Windows 7 Modified System Properties

    Hi, Guyz, Hope you fine This is my first hacked file using Resource Hacker. I Were Created This Windows 7 System Properties. You can freely distribute this System Properties but please add my credit also. ===> Here is the screen shoot: Click Here To Download All Instructions are in the...
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    Make Your Own Web Browser In Visual Basic

    Do you want to like make my own web browser Fast & easy to use, Here are the Tutorial about Make Your Own Web Browser. This will make in Visual Basic. Step 1. Open Visual Basic, and Press CTRL+T or go to the Project Menu -> Components. When the Components dialog pops-up scroll down to the...
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    Create your own free forum (Easy Way)

    You can create your own free forum with the easy way, NOW LETS DO THAT Get a free PHP hosting such as Register yourself and a domain name here. Go to or and download their php forum software. Download an FTP-client and upload all the php...
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    Create A Disk Checker.

    Hi Guyz. If you want to made disk checker copy below code in Notepad and save it to .bat extension. Title Windows Disk Checker (Masroor) cls chkdsk Reply Please.
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    Open the System Properties Dialog Without right click on my computer

    Hi, guys I have a intruction to open System Properties Dialog in Run Dialog Go to Start Menu >> Run >> type sysdm.cpl and press enter. You will now seeing the System Properties Dialog. GOOD BYE.
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