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    [By Demand] September 2008 DVD+CD

    they cant really enjoy those DVDs :( they have to be happy with the CDs anywayz wht abt my question regarding submissions for cd and dvds ?? :D
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    Vista vs Mojave

    most of them must not be knowing abt windows 7
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    How to put images & text together in blogger ?

    try editing the HTML of the post and add style="float:right;" for right alignment simillarly for left put style="float:left;" the image will be going parallel with the text now :)
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    New Search Engine Cuil Takes Aim At Google

    I wrote a review on it today at my blog ;) it says that it is ten times better than google he he lol its search result quality is worse and the servers are damn slow @ajaybc many terms were giving 0 results at the first few mins of its launch :P I tested many good terms and ended with...
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    [By Demand] September 2008 DVD+CD

    @drsubhadip bcoz not everyone has dvd player :D @RABOO can I knw if the users can submit their own products for CD???
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    All About Wordpress - Themes, Plugins, Tips and Tweaks

    @imav theres not much use of robots.txt until you want some url's not to be indexed just see the 5th plugin in it ;) and after uploading that plugin to your wordpress directory submit its url which should...
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    Set an image as a background of a window

    @krazzy I have not tested in Vista(I dont have Vista ) But I think it should work ;)
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    FREE sofwares needed which are good and virus free!

    This will be useful for desktop recording :) for security go for Avg Antivirus and Spy Bot S&D ;)
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    Am not able to open

    I dont face any such problem on Airtel ;) and I dont think so feedburner is against any rules :P
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    Set an image as a background of a window

    Thx a lot for the reply's Guys :) Just to Say I AM BACK ! :) Finished my Tenth Class and Now in Eleventh ;)
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    HHD & CD locking software? Try any of these
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    Google Adsense not replying?

    ya u must contact them now.;) It may be possible they have not approved you:mad:
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    building a website

    I think that you have to buy the copywrites or get some certificate or something like that. Otherwise if you are caught doing piracy then...............................
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    Set an image as a background of a window

    Thanks for replys
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    How to Create own Icons ??

    Try ny of these You can use what i use i.e icofx =
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    whr to download flash animations frm ?

    You can use softwares like bitcomet or videodownloader ofr the purpose. Just google for S/W for dwnlding videos from sites.
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    software to write in pdf format Try any of these you can also go for...
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    recover word file

    Ya unni is correct @hailgautam tuneup is not that powerfull
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    How to access third party cookies using ASP/JSP?

    use request.cookies(cookie name)
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