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    irctc tickets-print without ads

    While printing e-ticket from irctc website, the advertisements also appear in the printout. (what a waste of precious ink for the nation) I used IE and firefox and I could not eliminate the ads. I found a workaround today Use avant browser go to tools- and select-disable flash animations...
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    Education system in India

    I feel that the education system in India is outdated and needs a change. Students must enjoy education and it must be meaningful and useful to life. How can we change it? I welcome views of this super-intelligent forum members. Also, you can post your views here --a site I stumbled upon...
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    purchase by indian credit card

    Is it possible to buy good softwares using indian credit card?
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    AVG search

    When I search for AVG in any forum here, no result is found. Why? (Though it turns up, if I search for antivirus)
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    AVG antivirus hidden option

    I discovered a hidden option in AVG which is not selected by default in the free version select shell extensions click settings select the option "automatically heal infected files" This helps in automatic healing of infected files after scanning
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