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    Components that needs to be changed : Urgent help needed

    I have spare desktop : intel pentium D processor/ 865G intel motherboard /512 mb DDR1 ram / and 2 SATA HDD (1 TB each ) rest config same as normal desktops... My this computer used only for downloading and browsing(sometimes) only is performing very slow ... i want to change the...
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    New phone within Budget 14k...?

    helo guys i have a budget rund 14k and i want to buy best cellphone preferentially a smrtphone within it..i have choice like nokia c6,x3 corby ..and few models of HTC suggest me best out of it.i will be very thankful!~
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    URGENT!! Need Help for buying laptop...

    studio series is good,but if you have limited budget you can try 1525 or 1625 series as you can better enhancements in that in same price....if u wanna get ultimate..quality and multimedia xperience then switch to vaio cs24or 21 series its awesome with quality price
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