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  1. pritishpaul

    Windows or Android phone for better gaming. Suggestions anticipated !!

    Hey Guys... M confused between Windows phone and Android just cuz android lags a lot despite of havng good resources. Gotta buy a midrange smartphone within 20K and m addicted to games. hope u understand the rest !! pls suggest ! :)
  2. pritishpaul


    hmm..dont panik bro...hope u hv tried rebooting and checking those goddamn settings...see what might hv happend is that ur win registry's Dvalue must hv changed this case u need to rectify that...ummm...digit gave this Dwords address in one of its issues(err..i cant remmember)...u can get...
  3. pritishpaul

    How I can Merge VOB files in one CD

    see u havnt given full info or u might hv mistaken somewhere..cuz....if u hv copied them from more than one cds.with more than 700mb size u better go for dvds...and yeah of corse u can join the separate clips...what it seems u hv recorded from ur cam.teh esiesway is thru moviemaker...and other...
  4. pritishpaul

    Firefox screwing up "Downloads"

    yeah thats one of the bugs in mozilla......addons also dont help much ..and for this u shud switch to opera....
  5. pritishpaul

    pc starts but no display

    heh dude i faced this prob three times....there is only one way man....take ur harddisk tu another pc.and put ur harddrive as the slave in that pc..hope u know hat how to do...then boot their and fix ur display driver first....if the prob continues....then simply format..
  6. pritishpaul

    Help-Session fixation error

    hmm..above one is right but one thing u can also try is that....u ca try not to make that cd a multisession..cuz when preparing the disk for other session.then sometimes due to effective low availibility of memory causes this..dude....i dont think there is any need to reinstall ur OS..all this...
  7. pritishpaul

    Monitor problem .....

    Naaah guys..what i think that it si surely a Display driver prob..cuz i regurlar keep on xperimenting on my PC.and faced such things..:).see what has hapnd is ur drivers two of the base dlls hve ben damaged ...causing da malfunction..i hv suffered it lots of times.. as i duuno bout ur display...
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