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  1. papa

    Energy saving light bulbs may be cancer causing

    London: Energy saving light bulbs are easy on your purse but they may be deadly for your health as they emit cancer causing chemicals when switched on. German scientists have warned that they should not be left on for long periods or be positioned near a person's head as they emit poisonous...
  2. papa

    HDD Configuration

    Friends..:smile: Which HDD configuration is better....I mean faster and more stable. IDE or AHCI:?: Leave the Raid part for now:smile:
  3. papa

    MSI HD 6990 4gb

    Hi everybody out there.. Was about to take a plunge for HD6990 graphic card.But going through various forums it is apparent that the heat and noise :shock: that it generates is too much. Anybody using the card? Would like to hear from them before making a final decision.:smile:
  4. papa

    Change HDD

    Hi everybody out there.... I have a Sony Vaio laptop with 120 gb of HD space and that too is running out.I want to change the HDD to a larger size ,say a 500gb one.I want to copy all the files,settings including the current Os in it to the new drive. Is it Possible.If so..Can anybody tell me...
  5. papa

    Display Garbled

    Hi..everybody out there. Recently I am facing a queer situation.The display...especially the letters and fonts become garbled with lot of black dots and lines suddenly.Even the desktop icon breaks into half and are inverted.This generally happens when browsing.There is no other way but to...
  6. papa

    AMD Fusion Launched in INDIA

    Global chip-maker AMD today announced the launch of a new chipset that offers higher computing speed and better graphics quality than its predecessors. The new 'Fusion' processors incorporate a graphics card (GPU) and microprocessor (CPU) on a single chip, allowing computer-makers to develop...
  7. papa

    Shuffle motherboard

    Hi everybody out there..... I have a HP pavilion desktop with pentium 4 processor.I just want to change the mother board with a core 2 duo without losing the windows setup.The hard disk has also got a recovery partition. Will it be possible...if yes can you guide me through...
  8. papa


    Hi folks, this may sound silly but I wanted to know . I have a coolemaster 1000W SMPS and I wish to run Two 8800gt cards in sli. What should be the ideal UPS capacity to hold on for say 20-30 minutes during power outages?
  9. papa

    CPU Coolers

    Hi all out there. Can anybody suggest me a very silent yet powerful cpu cooler for my intel q6600 please?
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