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    how to open password locked rar and zip files

    Advanced zip password recovery works nice. you can first try with various dictionary , like english alphabets, special charecters, websites, computer terminology etc. there are various kinds of dictionories available on the net for download.
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    Windows XP SP2 release date UPDATED 10th AUG 04

    yeah its true. Before installing sp2 i couldnt download update from windows Update (v5) site. But after installing sp2 i am able to download updates. i haven even changed my key.
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    which firewall is the best ?

    Go to the following site and find out how good your firewall is. Symantec Security Check You can even post your results and we'll know whose firewall is best.
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    Bad CD Repair v1.6 Needed Please!!!

    thankz a lot
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    MS Releases XP SP2 to Computer Manufacturers

    Order Windows XP Service Pack 2 on CD
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    Source:Unattended Installation of Applications i guess this is what you required
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    Slimming Windows XP Pro

    You can check out this site. You all know how to Slipstream sp1 into XP. This site provides information on how to make unattended installation of XP and how to integrate sp1, other hotfixes, updated drivers, and all the softwares that u have to install after...
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    Bad CD Repair v1.6 Needed Please!!!

    can i also have that
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    WinXP SP2 Remove

    Re: win xp sp2 still stuck with IE, start using FireFox
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    [UPD] Vote for the Best Browser !

    firefox is the best. web pages load faster, light on mem, it has got all the extensions u need
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    help install XP themes with *.msstyles filenames in playware

    you can use styleXP to add those themes
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    Best CD- Writer

    yeah LG is a good one. even i got 1 and its working fine for the past 1yr. or else go for the combo which digit is offering
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    problem with KNOPPIX

    i am using KNOPPIX 3.4, every time i try to boot i have to enter " knoppix screen=1024*768 vrefresh=60 noscsi" or else the screen turns blank. is there a way that i can save the setting so that i dont have to enter them everytime. secondly the resolution i get is 1152*864 and not 1024*768...
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    bootable floppy problem

    how am i supposed to use the software when it isn't booting under dos. as for as DIGIT DOS i have to wait till 7th or 8th before it reaches me.
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    bootable floppy problem

    recently i converted my 40gb hd to NTFS. i have 2 bootable floppies. 1 created in win98se ( that was when i had fat32 ) 2nd i created under winXP pro ( under ntfs ) when i am trying to boot using either of the floppy it's give error that cannot boot since the disk is not FAT. how to...
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    [UPD] Vote for the Best Browser !

    instead of shift+enter use ctrl+enter
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    [UPD] Vote for the Best Browser !

    yeah, Firefox rulz
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    MOUSE TOOL-U Gonna luv this one

    here comes one more thanx. i'll definitely try it out
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