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  1. papa

    My DVD - RW drive not recognizing Digit DVD's

    Used to have the same problem with Digit DVDs.Some DVDs just would not be read........ Unable to figure out its DVD issue or the drive issue
  2. papa

    Catalyst 11.4 released - fixes 99% bug on HD 5800 cards

    Really.............shall try out.
  3. papa

    Energy saving light bulbs may be cancer causing

    London: Energy saving light bulbs are easy on your purse but they may be deadly for your health as they emit cancer causing chemicals when switched on. German scientists have warned that they should not be left on for long periods or be positioned near a person's head as they emit poisonous...
  4. papa

    Which is your preferred media player?

    Media player classic-Home cinema all the way.
  5. papa

    Help required for Win7 Drivers

    :?:sorry pal..couldn't get you. If your mother board cd has the creative sound drivers -go ahead and install that. Yes..install win7 32 bit.your config is pretty sufficient for that.:-)
  6. papa

    keeping PC on(24/7)-advice

    Lots of free software such as cpu-z are there to monitor the temps of your proccy.Just google. BTW be wary of BSNL unlimited internet.They are not totally unlimited.They begin charging after certain gbs. Go through the fine prints.Its always better to be safe ..pal
  7. papa

    mSi HD 6850 vs Sapphire HD 6850 vs mSi GTX 460 1 gb Cyclone

    Get the cyclone version.Chills the gpu well and silent as well:smile:
  8. papa

    MOBO n RAM combination

    pal....every mobo manufacturer gives a QVL for the ram.It should be in the user guide accompanying the mobo. Other than that have to Google:smile:
  9. papa

    RAM addition help!

  10. papa

    PC turning off suddenly when doing this

    IMHO....... 1.might be cpu temp.At 100% load the cpu heats up really fast.Check cpu temp. 2.might be due to faulty ram.If you have spare ram,can try with that.
  11. papa

    Troublesome CPU noise

    Don't lose hope so soon pal:smile: Try cleaning the inlet and exhaust fan of your case also.Sometimes improper air flow due to accumulation of dust or so also leads to working up of higher temp inside the case and the cpu indirectly. Over the time the fans-especially the cpu fan and the rear...
  12. papa

    WD Black Or Kingston SSD?

    A wise decision pal.:smile:
  13. papa

    WD Black Or Kingston SSD?

    The game loading time will be faster with SSD.....however fps shall more or less depend upon the graphic card and ram i suppose:smile:
  14. papa

    Best Sports Games: Your Opinion

    FIFA 11 in PS3
  15. papa

    Which is the Best online shop in India?

    Flipkart for books and mobiles.24x7 customer support and very courteous. IT Depot for computer peripherals. SMC international is also very good.
  16. papa

    PrimeABGB shipping

    Yup.The It Depot and the SMCInternational are extremely good.Fast and reliable as far as my experience goes.
  17. papa

    HDD Configuration

    Friends..:smile: Which HDD configuration is better....I mean faster and more stable. IDE or AHCI:?: Leave the Raid part for now:smile:
  18. papa

    MSI HD 6990 4gb

    Re: Msi hd6990 4gb Thanks Jas and all other folks for their valuable suggestions:smile: As Jas said..going for a HD6970 and later crossfire it. That way saved some bucks also:smile:
  19. papa

    MSI HD 6990 4gb

    Re: Msi hd6990 4gb Thanks mate:smile: By the way GTX 590 has also been released in India. Again in a fix.....GTX 590 or HD 6990?:?: Help me out with your expert opinion please.
  20. papa

    MSI HD 6990 4gb

    Hi everybody out there.. Was about to take a plunge for HD6990 graphic card.But going through various forums it is apparent that the heat and noise :shock: that it generates is too much. Anybody using the card? Would like to hear from them before making a final decision.:smile:
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