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    --:{free data hosting services}:--

    well i need a few sites except Yousendit which can allow people to view ur files and download them!!!!!!! :D any help will be appreciated!!!!!!!!!
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    --:{installing Unintelligent nodes for a cyber cafe}:--

    Guys recently one of my very good friends who runs a cyber cafe ran into alot of trouble. he has a cafe with five systems and one of the hard disks on the systems went boink i.e it died.. so now he has desided to run unintrelligent nodes that is he has decided to run all five systems froma...
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    --:{prob with windows update}:--

    i hav windows xp with SP1 recently while trying the windows update page it displayed that i hav recently installed a program which requires a restart.but even after restarting it shows the same problem!!!!!!! :cry: i hav scanned for viruses and spyware but to no avail...
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