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    Cheapest MiFi 3G router with SIM card slot and batter operated?

    Huawei E355 (Wifi Dongle) Data Card - Out of stockHuawei Wingle E8131 Data Card -Out of stock I searched similar devices across internet but either they are out of stock or they are costly, You can give a try with ZTE modem .. similar functions with battery cost around...
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    RF TV tuner for Satellite TV.

    I have Videocon Connection, and they offer 2nd connection for 125 per month. But still I don’t wanna add more set-top box.
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    RF TV tuner for Satellite TV.

    Hello expert, RF TV tuner for Satellite TV. Earlier I had local Cable TV at my home and I use to watch all channels through USB TV tuner card attached to my Laptop. I was able to watch/change any channel irrespective of what being watched on my Master TV set in leaving room. Few months...
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    2.1 speakers for LCD TV..

    Hello experts, Suggest some good quality 2.1 speakers for my Panasonic viera 32" LCD TV. as inbuilt LCD speakers have poor quality sound output. Speakers must have RCA input coz i'm going to attach those directly to set top box. Dont want 5.1 home theatre as it is already attached to My...
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    LCD wiht MKV playback and NTFS support

    Hello Experts, I need a suggestion for my Leaving room. I have lots of HD 720P movies (mkv and divx) on my external hard disk. But I am unable to play them on my DVD through USB since hard disk is formatted with NTFS. So I am planning to buy LCD TV, which can support NTFS file system and can...
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    Alternative to USB ????

    Hi experts, I’m working in Local Software development firm; we have DELL dimension (Series 3000) PC’s. Administrator has disabled USB functionality and BIOS is Protected by password, as of this I cannot use any USB media in my office. Is there any alternative so that I can transfer my data...
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    Extract Bcc addrress... :-(

    Hi experts, Can anybody tell me how to extract or find Bcc addresses in email.I want to know how amny and how had got same email through Bcc ... Is there any solution for this ? Thanks in Advance Thinkyash:flamewar:
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    RECHARGE YOUR MOBILE ONLINE is a solution to bridge the gap between consumers and service providers by offering a user friendly service for pre-paid and post-paid utility bill payment. Simplicity, Safety and Smartness are the mantras followed at LOL....make 1 USB...
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